Published on Friday 9th November 2012 by DJ Kirkby

As you can see from the photo I now have a proof copy of Realand which means the publication date is almost here!

Dec 1st will be the official launch date and I want to throw an online party, of course.

Now, this will be my first launch party for a children’s book so I need online party suggestions from you all.

The theme will be All The Colours Of The Rainbow (you will understand why this is significant when you read Realand) but what else should the party include?

Games?  Prizes?  A Facebook  +  Twitter + Blog + Tumbler + Story Lane + Pintrest + Wattpad  conga line?

If I posted an official invite would you pass it on to people you know?

Suggestions in the comment box please….

If you would like to read the prequel to Realand you can download a copy for printing or reading on screen by following this link or you can follow this link to listen to me reading it to you on Podbean or this link to download the podcast from iTunes.

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