Midwifery memories (one)

Published on Wednesday 18th December 2013 by DJ Kirkby

When I first qualified as a midwife (eleventymillion years ago for those of you who need to know these things) we used to have to keep a personal register of births we attended.

photo 1-2Reading through it brings back a wealth of memories, as do the photos parents took and shared with me. To maintain their anonymity I cannot share those that have parents in the photos but I will share some taken of me in a series of weekly posts.

The first is below – taken at the end of a night shift. I was enjoying a cuddle with the cause of all the excitement while the baby’s parents had a cuddle with each other. The photo was taken by the baby’s grandparent who had been present throughout the labour and birth, knitting quietly on a beanbag in a corner of the room for much of the time. I was really impressed with this person’s inner strength because to sit by quietly while your child labours is a very challenging task indeed.  However this person had made it very clear at the start that she was there if needed, and would not otherwise involve herself unless asked. Respect!

photo 2


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