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Published on Sunday 10th July 2011 by DJ Kirkby

On Sunday July 31st from 12.10 – 12.40 pm I will be at the new Southsea Library, Palmerston Road, Portsmouth. I put a shout out on Twitter for suggestion on what I could do to make this appearance interesting and so far have had the following suggestions:

  • take cake
  • strip (erm, no!)
  • pole dancing (again, no!)
  • magic (my writing is the only magic I know how to do)
  • juggle books (I can barely walk through a door frame without maiming myself let alone throw books up into the air above my head)
  • deliver a speech in Klingon
  • stand on one one leg the whole time, and never say why

If you have any suggestions then please add them to the comment box below this post and do come along to see which suggestion (s) I will be making use of on the day.

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  • Be you! But cake and cherries might be a good idea too. Anything happening in libraries to show that they are a vital part of our community is a GOOD THING, and not just for lending books. Have a lovely day on 31st.

    • Hmmmm maybe cake with cherries 🙂
      I agree with you about library events being a GOOD thing though. Some of my fondest childhood memories involve being allowed to choose which books to take out for the week. N3S had his library card at 9 weeks of age!

  • Well, now. I bumped into a man the other day who asked me a very fine question…”When was the last time that you did something new in your life for the very first time?” He says he asks this Q of himself once a week, to ensure he keeps setting himself new challenges. You could put this question to listeners at the start of the event, and have a box into which they could place their answers, read out the best, and perhaps have a prize of a book to be presented at the end? I cannot tell you my own answer to this Q as it made me blush, but I have asked myself it frequently since and it certainly does prevent you slipping into a rut! Wishing you lots of luck and will be great to see you on 31st! Very Best Wishes Kerry x

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