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Published on Wednesday 13th February 2013 by DJ Kirkby

A collection of writing featuring my first two novels, My Dream of You and Without Alice, along with excerpts from my Buffalo Grass Valley novellas, Special Deliveries, and the prequel to my Portal Series of children’s books.

Without Alice has been in Amazon.co.uk’s top 100 ‘Women Writers & Fiction’ bestsellers list for over a year, selling well over 7000 copies.

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My Dream of You: One summer’s day, Betty let love carry her a step too far. That exquisite sun dappled afternoon became one of her best memories, but also the catalyst for the worst experience of her life. Now elderly, Betty has been running from her past since she was a teenager, and it’s about to catch up with her. Will the experience be as awful as she fears, or wonderful beyond imagining?

“D.J. Kirkby writes with compassion and energy, creating characters you can really care about.” – Sarah Salway (Canterbury Poet Laureate)

“Evocatively written, My Dream of You is an absorbing read filled with interesting characters, plot twists, and emotion.” – Talli Roland, bestselling author of Build a Man

Without Alice: Have you ever had a secret? One so important that it feels as if it will tear you in two? Stephen’s got one. He’s also got a great job, beautiful wife and an adorable son. Outwardly his life seems perfect but it means nothing without Alice. Read ‘Without Alice’ and meet a man who you will love to hate until you learn to love him.

“Governed by duty, lost without love. A truly insightful narrative, controlled by a delicate hand” – Caroline Smailes, author of Like Bees to Honey

“D.J. Kirkby takes us on a dramatic journey from birth to death, through love, betrayal and tragedy, to an unexpected redemption. A riveting read” – award winning author and scriptwriter Peter May, author of the Lewis Trilogy.

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