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Published on Sunday 10th April 2011 by DJ Kirkby

On Friday evening I received an email informing me that I have been granted full membership with the Romantic Novelists’ Association! A lot of happy dancing immediately commenced. The RNA’s inclusion criteria is quite strict, and although I have longed to be a member for quite some time, I didn’t dare apply until this year. The fact that I have been granted full membership has made me feel validated as a writer in a different (but equally important) way than being a full member of The Society of Authors does. My self worth as a writer is enhanced by both memberships. Okay, I am sure you have heard enough now so I will stop going on about it…sometime soon 🙂

To celebrate my new membership I went to a LUSH lock in party where I fell in love with two perfumes – Imogen Rose and Inhale. Now that might sound as if it has nothing to do with writing but it does, at least in relation to my second novel Love and Other Lies, in which one of my characters adores LUSH bath products. I want to write these new scents into my novel in progress but have realised that there might be copyright issues with me liberally using their product names.  I have asked the store manager if he would be so kind as to check with head office for me. I wonder if this is enough or should I be doing something else to ensure that it is okay for me to use LUSH related terms within my novel. All advice gratefully received please, and thank you in advance!

Here is a snippet from the novel as an example of the sort of reference I make to the products:

Trish adored LUSH bath products and had a shoe box full of various bath bombs, melts and bubble bars stashed in the top of her wardrobe. There was a separate stash of the exquisitely scented Jingle Spells bath bombs which were only sold at Christmas time. Lou hated baths and preferred to shower. Which just goes to prove the adage that opposites attract, at least where bathing rituals are concerned, Trish thought.

Our apple tree in blossom April 8th 2011

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