Exciting times

Published on Sunday 28th October 2012 by DJ Kirkby

Things are all very exciting here in my writing world at the moment.  The wraparound cover for Realand (book 1 of The Portal Series) is being made so that Realand can be released in both digital format (which will be priced so it can be bought with pocket money) and paperback format (usual price).

I have seen some of the illustrations for Realand (Oscar is just so cute and the Slugger is just so scary), and I hope to be in possession of the rest of the illustrations by this time tomorrow.   Last but not least, Perfectly Formed (prequel to The Portal Series) is now an audio file and waiting to be uploaded to iTunes as a podcast for free download during November and December!

If you’re wondering what the cover for Realand looks like just scroll down to my previous post.

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    • Hi Debs, I’m pleased that you like the sound of them! Realand will be available soon and I think it will make a great Christmas present but have to admit to a certain degree of bias 😉

    • Thank you. I have the podcast sitting on a site waiting for approval from iTunes and it has had over 100 hits already! How do people even know where to find it? Modern technology is still mostly a mystery to me.

    • Thanks Beth, I am hoping it’s a big hit with the children as the digital version will be sold super cheap so that they can buy it for themselves. The paperback will be sold at the usual price though as it is too expensive to produce. Such a shame it has to be that way.

  • Soooo excited for you hon! Sounds like everything is coming together perfectly (and am over the moon that you managed to get another illustrator but am still gutted that I wasn’t able to do it)

    Can’t wait to see the finished article

    C x

    • Thanks Carol, I’m gutted you couldn’t do the illustrations but also thrilled in hindsight because it mean’t that our N1S stepped in to save the day! I’m hoping this is the first step towards him building a portfolio of illustrations for children’s books.

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