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Published on Tuesday 2nd April 2013 by DJ Kirkby

One of my day jobs is teaching midwifery at a local university.  I also write during some of the hours most people sleep. My newest book is a fictionalised account of some of the special deliveries and life changing moments I have had the privilege to be a part of during my midwifery career.

I made a video about the book and I’m quite pleased with how it turned out but I can’t get it uploaded here! Obviously I would love to show it off so if you are keen to see it please follow this link to the video on YouTube: Special Deliveries: Life Changing Moments

This book is out as an e-book now (paperback is scheduled to be published in November) and is less than half the usual price until the 7th April.  If you would like to feed your e-reader then you can do so from wherever you are in the world by following this link.

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  • I love the way you’ve combined the threads of your life with this book. It’s on my virtual bookshelf as we speak and I can’t wait to start reading. Best of luck with it!

  • In my very short nursing career I’ve drawn on a few experiences and integrated them into my stories so I think it’s fantastic that you’ve been able to use your experiences to write a book. Pleasure to have stumbled across your blog. :3

  • Congratulations on your book! I think it is great that you have published something like this. It brings your profession into a more reachable place for people unfamiliar. Good work.

  • My heavens, I love baby stories. It’s partly why I have six kids. 🙂 I just met you and have already bought the book. In my future life when the kids are older, I am hoping to become a doula. Helping women through this momentous day would be a dream.
    Looking forward to seeing what else you come up with during the challenge!

    • I am so pleased to see you are considering a career as a doula, but why that and not as a midwife? Thank you for buying my book, I really appreciate your interest. Here is a link to the video all about the book: http://youtu.be/Ax1RgFVHksQ I think you will like the video a lot!

  • I’m not a one for babies – my five are now teens and twenties and much nicer for it, but with the coming of my grandson I’ve become much more aware of just how lucky I’ve been! I’m getting the book in paperback for my DIL (who DOES love babies!), and I wish you all the luck in the world with it. The midwives I had during my labours were all that stood between me and insanity sometimes – good on every single one of you.

    • Thank you very much Jane! There is a fine line between lack of midwives and insanity….I’m sure this is a fact but then the fabulous people we get to care for have the same affect (effect?) on us.

  • Hi Denyse, I had such a wonderful time having my babies. (Although I may be wearing my rose-tinted glasses – I’m sure there was a little pain involved at some point! ) I marvelled at the calmness of the midwives who helped me. It’s not a job I could do, far too much emotion involved, but I have a friend who craves to change career and dreams of becoming a midwife. I can’t wait to buy two paperbacks, one for her and one for myself.

    • Hi Claire, I am so happy that you have such positive memories of your birth experiences and of the midwives who were there for you. I am pleased you want to buy paperback copies of Special Deliveries and sorry that you have to wait until November to do so.

  • Aloha Denyse, Found your blog, thanks for commenting on mine, and isn’t it possible to embed youtube videos in your site? Go to the video, click on share, and there should be a button to click on to embed, and then you have to copy and paste it and put in the HTML.

    • Hi Courtney, I know I should be able to do those few simple steps and have the video visible on my website (I used to be able to do it on Blogger) BUT for some reason when I do, and then click ‘update’ the video doesn’t ‘stick’. I will need to email my website developer and ask her why. Seems such a shame to have to ask people to click a link to go to YouTube!

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