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Published on Monday 5th November 2012 by DJ Kirkby

Join Max and Laura on their first adventure in The Portal Series as they discover what rainbow corices are capable of and run into a bit of bother with a gang of albino slugs…just an average day in Realand.

The Portal Series  are adventure / fantasy books for 7 – 11 year olds. I have written the series with the intent of publishing them as e-books priced cheaply enough that children can afford to buy them with their pocket money.

Realand is the first book in the series and is available to buy as an e-book from all Amazon stores: UK (£0.77), US ($1.23), India ($1.23), Spain (EUR 0,89), Italy (EUR 0,89), Germany (EUR 0,89), France (EUR 0,89) and Japan (Y 100)

Realand will be also be available to buy as a paperback from December 2012.

Perfectly Formed is the prequel to the series and works well as a standalone Christmas story.

If you would like me to read Perfectly Formed to you then it is available as a free podcast from iTunes (or just search for Dee Kirkby) and Podbean during November and December 2012.

If you prefer to do your own reading then you can download a copy of Perfectly Formed for free by following  this link

Other books in The Portal Series:

Raffie Island – book 2

Queendom – book 3

Publication dates for these books will depend on how much interest there is in Realand but the aim is to publish book 2 by June 2013 and book 3 by December 2013.

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