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Published on Sunday 20th September 2009 by DJ Kirkby

Chopper says my blog is magic because I posted photos of a hedgehog on one of my wordless Wednesday posts and now we have a hedgehog happily bimbling around our garden. Chopper and I sat in the garden Friday evening and watched it wandering round. That evening was the stuff dreams are made of.

N3S and I have fallen completely in love with our hedgehog. Chopper and N2S are quite interested in him and only N1S pretends not to like him saying he is smelly and disgusting. It’s his age, 19 almost 20 seems to mean that he is biologically incapable of agreeing with anything anyone else says. The only member of our household who genuinely hates ‘Hedgy’ is Sebi our tortoise because Hedgy has decided that he quite likes Sebi’s house and has moved in with him.

Chopper would like me to use my magic blog to write a post about us winning the lottery but I’ll think I’ll put it to good use by blogging about getting a publishing contract with a big house, such as HarperCollins or Random House. There. I’ve posted it. So now the magic’s got to happen right?

I am doing everything I can to help make the magic happen. Since I hired BubbleCow to edit Without Alice, I’ve been working hard. I mean really hard, OMG. The only way I’ve ever been able to fit writing in is to do it in the hours when normal people sleep. Having a professional like Caroline go through my little book with a red ‘pen’ is a great way to get motivated and I have been getting up at 5am to work on Without Alice. I am now on the second edit and have added 10,000 words! My little novella is quickly becoming a novel, all I need to do now is find another 7,00 words inside me and I think I know where they are. Best of all, I feel really excited about it all. Scoff at me if you will but I think that being edited is actually fun.

Anyway, I do digress. What I had intended to say was that I am sorry that I haven’t been visiting many of your blogs lately. As you can see I am short on time. I’ll be round to catch up on your news as soon as I can. If you can, please leave a short version of what has been keeping you busy in my comment box.

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  • Hellooo. If your blog is magic and I do think Chopper is correct, I am going to let you know that I have been writing, writing and writing.

  • Hi. So glad to hear the edits are going well. My new mss is now complete! A rather big name agent (can't say whom but she's a friend of a friend) has agreed to read it so I'll be shipping it out to her this week. And then I think I'll turn my hand to completing this poetry collection that's been on the back burner for 2 years. So, we both move forward, eh? And by the way, i do believe in magic!! xo

  • Great post! please please post about me getting my novel finished before 9th Oct, Oh and maybe winning the lottery too. it would help if i bought a ticket mind!

    I have been busy with the writing and eating as well. What is it about writing that makes you eat so much. must stop doing that!

    Good luck with those 7000 words.

  • I've been keeping myself busy staying well and out of hospital. Yey!

    And if your blog is magic, I'll have a nice big publishing deal as well please. Oh and a few more short stories accepted.

    That'll do for now. Don't wish to appear greedy.

  • Hi JJ
    Here's me wishing you a nice big publishing contract too then.

    Hi Sue
    I haven't even begun to look for a RL agent yet. Sigh. Very exciting news about you finding a big agent to look at your MS though! Sending you good luck through the medium of my blog.

    Hi Lily
    Great news that you'll be finishing your novel at the begining of October (it's on my blog so it must be true!). I don't eat lots when I write but I do drink millions of cups of tea.

    Hi Helen
    Hurrah for your improving / sustaining health. Wishing you a big publishing deal too along with those short story acceptances. Oh blog, if you're listening, I'd quite like some of those as well please.

    Hi Dad Stuff,
    If we will the lottery we'll fly out to visit you. If you win then you and the family must head over here!

  • Glad your blog is magic, and hoping some of it may float my way and help me sort out my editing confusion.

    I've been busy sorting J out with forms, clothes, etc as he goes off to uni next weekend. Dreading it, but pretending that I'm not to him as I think it's such a fab time in his life, I want him to enjoy every moment.

  • I'm glad to hear you are busy and happy.

    I'm working every day, supporting my son who is going through a tough time(he's grown up), and taking it kind of easy after a stressful month or so. Take care! And I'm sending you great thoughts re Random House and HarperCollins.

  • Well having had my woolly but kicked by you and JJ this week I had better wish fof some of what you two already have. I'm off now to sulk.

  • Hi Debs,
    I think that I would happily pack N1S's bags if he was going away to Uni. Perhaps I would feel differently if it was about to become a reality but no fear of that I can assure you! Here, have some of my blog's extra special magic just for editing.

    Hi Gran
    Thanks. Has your son moved in with you? Must go catch up on your blog.

    Hi Sheepish,
    I'm happy to share my blog magic, help yourself to some on your way out. I hope to be able to report a similarly high word count next week because that will mean I am almost finished. I promised myself that when I got to 60,000 I could stop. I am the queen of novellas, writing a full length novel is a significant challenge. xo

  • Hi DJ I agree with you that being edited can be fun, as long as you are happy to let go and be dispassionate. I get sketches read quite frequently at my writing group and it's always interesting to get an outside pespective on what works, what doesn't, and how to improve things.

    I wish I was a dedicated to writing as you are! One sketch and two blog posts per month is not going to make me a success!

    All the best and looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  • Awwww, I love that your hedgehog has moved in with Sebi (even if Sebi is not happy about it!!). If you ever have any wet cat food left over put it out for the hedgehog…I don't know why but they love cat food!!

    I would like your blog to grant me much success in my Uni course!!

    What have I been doing? I've been working on your painting!! (No, I'm not telling you any more about it at the moment). I'm going to be working on it today 😀

    C x

  • Since your writing is magic, I'm happier that you're working on Without Alice then spending time on blogs. You can catch up later.

    Those hedgehogs are so damn cute they make me "squeee!"

  • It's hard work writing a book, I wish I could say I was as dedicated to mine as you are to yours, but 5am really is too early!!

    And yes, your blog is magic. So what are the lottery numbers???!!!

    CJ xx

  • Hi Carol,
    OMG, OMG. I am so excited! Oooooh I want to see my painting! We've tried Hedgy on meaties and chicken as advised by the hedgehog preservation society but he prefers raw oats, seeds, nuts and sultanas. Our Hedgy is a veggi. The Uni sucess you've wished for is yours. Enjoy. xo

    Hi Nitebyrd,
    Thank you. WA is getting amazingly big now, never thought I'd be able to write all those words in one story. Our Hedgy is simply the most adorable thing to arive in our lives since N3S was born. xo

    Hi Rob,
    You know it!

    Hi Casdok
    Thanks so much.

    Hi Clay,
    Thanks, I sure hope so. We could all use a little magic in our lives.

    Hi CJ
    Now that would be telling. Farm work is a whole lot more tiring than sitting at a desk all day! It is no wonder you'd rather be doing something besides writing. xo

  • Ahhhh, little hedgehog!! so gorgeous. We had hedgehogs in our garden in London…loved the sound of them snuffling about.
    WELL DONE with the writing and editing. EXCITING! go, girl.x

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