Published on Friday 10th July 2009 by DJ Kirkby

*whimper*….. is it the weekend yet? N’uff said about work….

As all of you regular readers will know, we recently had our computer serviced. Then Internet Explorer invited us to upgrade to version 8, so we did.

Now I can’t get onto a lot of blogs I used to read regularly! It loads the page then tells me ‘Internet Explorer cannot open the website, operation aborted!

We don’t have a clue how to get back to Internet Explorer 7 and are not sure if that is the problem anyway…Anyone else ever have this problem and know what we can do about it?

With any luck we will get the blogging problem sorted and I will be able to come and visit your blogs again.

This week’s wordless Wednesday caption winner is Carol with ‘I am holding on Granddad!!’

Honorable mention goes to Sparxs for ‘Halfway through her journey to work, Susie realised that John was actually not standing behind her.’

N3S has taken to reading until he falls asleep which is exactly what Chopper and I do. N1&2 sons seem to prefer the dulcet sounds of television to lull them off to dreamland. What helps you wind down? Keep it clean please…

I am thrilled the sunshine is back, we had a dodgy few days this week. I’ll post again on Sunday, until then I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

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  • I have that problem too. I read somewhere that it is something to do with the 'Followers' widget in Blogger, yet it doesn't seem to happen all the time…after all I got on here today. I have no idea what can be done about it, but if you find a solution please let me know!

  • Hi 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have you tried downloading Google Chrome. I use it exclusively now and haven't had any problems. It is better than Internet Explorer.

    To unwind, I like a really good book and a glass of diet coke.
    Regards from

  • I seem to have lost my mojo as far as Wordless Wednesday is concerned 🙁
    Must try and give it another go once inspiration strikes though.

    I notice the recommendation above for a different browser: I'd second that, though I use Mozilla Firefox, and I'd recommend that over IE any day. Haven't tried Google Chrome but that might well be worth a try.

  • It's so frustrating having problems with the computer. I do hope everything is sorted out for you soon.

    I tend to put something gentle and not to exciting on the tv in order for my mind to slow down enough to let me sleep. Can't just turn off the light and close my eyes, wish I could though.

  • Hi Cathy
    Do you usually have trouble getting on here then? It is such a hassle when I want to read blogs! Looks like there are a couple fo good solutions lower down in the comments though.

    Hi RK
    We haven't tried google chrome but perhaps we should! I like the good book method of winding down but Diet Coke would have me bouncing off the walls for hours, too much caffiene.

    Hi trousers,
    Yeah you and Troy, I've been wondering where you been. Also Leigh, she doesn't seem to blog at all anymore and her captions were hilarious! I'll pass your reccs onto Chopper and see if he can get one of them or GC onto our computer. This not being able to read blogs is doing my head in! I don't always comment on the ones I read but I like to be able to read them at the very least!

    Hi Debs
    It si very frustrating! I feel like I am missing out as it is my main form of socialising. I couldn't bear a TV in the bedroom, N1&2S's tv's drive me nuts as it is and we keep going in there and asking them to turn the volume down. Being asleep or near to sleep aflicts me with 'bionic ear syndrome'. Sigh.

  • Yay I won!!! *Does happy dance* (Do I not get a wee picture to put on my blog?)

    Dump Internet Explorer…it's crap!! I had loads of problems with it till my Dad recommended I download Mozilla Firefox. I've now been using Firefox for about three years and have had no problems what-so-ever.

    Awww, N3S looks very sweet fast asleep with his book on his bed!!

    I don't tend to do anything to help me nod off….normally the minute my head hits the pillow I'm out for the count!! (might be the wine :-D)

    C x

  • Had exactly the same problems when I upgraded IE, DJ. I gave up on it completely, and downloaded Safari (free) from Apple (they do a version for PC!) and like most Apple products, it's fantastic. Problem solved!

  • Hi Carol
    All my awards are gone! I thought I had uploaded them to picsa before the computer service but I can't find them in my albums! Grrrr. So I will make you a brand new one this weekend and add it to this post or put it on Sunday's post. That is 2 votes for MF now so if Chopper can find it to download that will probably be the one he goes for. I don't mind as long as I can read blogs again. xo

  • Ooh hi Tim!
    Yours is one of the ones I can't get onto and I fogot you suggested Safari via tiwtter. Thanks fro the reminder. x

  • I send myself to sleep thinking of captions but fall asleep before I write them down. Shame because they are all great winners!
    I nearly upgraded to IE8 this week but for some reason at the last minute didn't install it – so glad now hearing your news.
    "the dulcet sounds of television" – that wouldn't be Eastenders then would it?

  • Hi Rachel
    we've switched and it works great!

    Hi Gran,
    we've made the switch and the problem is solved.

    Hi Claire,
    Tsk…naughty girl 😉

    Hi Mama
    We switched! Oooh low radio that's nice. I used to go to sleep listening to Pink Floyd's Wish you were here, forgot all about that till I read your comment.

    Hi Troy
    N2S likes Eastenders but even I manage to stay awake a little later than that. I wondered where your captions were this week!

  • Not sure if you have a Mac or PC. Here's the PC directions:

    Go into Add/Remove programs
    *Scroll down to Windows Internet *Explorer 8 (or something like that)
    *Remove it
    *Download Firefox

  • We've been given dire warnings at work not to upgrade to Explorer 8. I don't know the answer – and nor does our entre IT department!

  • Hi Green Jello
    Thanks. We've got MF now and all is working well. I cna see the IE icon on our desktop so I am assuming Chopper didn't remove it so I will do that now.

    Hi Helen
    we have now joined the gang of Mozilla Firefox fans. It works great so far. Will actually get a chance to visit some blogs now.x

  • Hi maureen
    We won't we are converted 100%

    Hi Tam
    Chopper has just got home from work. If he has no sucess then I will def come to you for help, thanks!

  • Hi hon

    I had that problem and it was my sitemeter widget; apparently it's common… I switched to Firefox ages ago, it's soooo much better than IE. At least download and install it (it's free) and you don't have to use it all the time. It'll import your IE bookmarks though.

    Thanks for the runner up prize – Carol's totally rocked me to submission tho!

    BTW, I read myself to sleep too, always have done.

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