Almost tree time

Published on Sunday 19th December 2010 by DJ Kirkby

We decorate our tree on the 21st of December each year because it is Grammie Kirkby’s birthday, so as many of the family as possible go to Grammie’s house to decorate her tree before going home to do their own.  I miss doing this with my extended family but take comfort in the fact that I can still take part in this tradition here with my husband, son and stepsons. It is the same but different…sort of like me 🙂

When do you decorate your Christmas tree? If you don’t celebrate Christmas then please feel free to share what you do instead.

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  • We always did our tree, as children, on 24th, ensuring a trip to Woolworths for spare bulbs, but very different times now!

    Even here in Arabia Christmas has been adopted, for what it has become in Christian world, a Festival of Commerce.

    Thank you for such marvellous entertainment over the year and I wish you and your family a glorious Christmas.

  • What a lovely family tradition.

    When I was little we always had to wait for my sisters birthday on the 19th December but the tree was put up, which I thought was grossly unfair! I don’t like to put it up too early (ours only went up yesterday) but it stays up until Epiphany.

  • We’re putting ours up this weekend, so today is TREE DAY!! I love putting it up this close to Christmas. Any sooner and it feels like an anti-climax or I don’t feel Christmass-y enough to appreciate it.

  • Awww what a lovely tradition!!! Happy Birthday to Grammie Kirby for the 21st!!!

    I tend to decorate my tree 12 days before Christmas!!

    Take care

  • Thats a lovely tradition DJ. Ours always goes up two Saturdays before Christmas. Before then is too early, and any later, well, the boys won’t stand for it.

    Have a very Happy Christmas and you never know, we might meet up on one of our writing venues in 2011.

    warm wishes

  • Tree day! What fun! One year we spent weeks finding all sorts of little decorations – some genuine Christmas decorations, some buttons and beads, and little trinkets from charity shops – whatever we could find. We put the whole lot on the tree and it was a real work of art! This year I won’t have time to do so much – and my children have left home so its’ not quite the same, although all the family will of course be joining us over Christmas. I hope you post a photo of your tree when it’s finished.

  • We always put ours up the first weekend in December – tis artificial (but a nice one..) as we tried a living one in our pre-children years and it died when we put it outside int the pot…I haven’t dared touch any indoor plants/trees with my deadly fingers since then! We have a lovely painted wooden Nativity set (jigsaw like) and between that and the furry tinsel on the stairs tis a festive frenzy. You can see some of our festive pics here -snowman has now lost his head and is bent at right angle supporting himself with one arm – awwww! 🙂

  • We always put up the artificial on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. I can remember my Dad putting hooks on all the ornaments and handing them to my sister and I while he watched football on TV.
    Now I’m the Dad in the chair!

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