If I could be anyone, I’d be…

Published on Wednesday 14th September 2011 by DJ Kirkby

A burlesque dancer like Sherry Britton! I’ve always wanted to be able to be graceful enough to perform a burlesque routine but have never tried as I’m terribly clumsy.

I suppose I should explain why I suddenly decided to share that with you…

The reason is that Talli Roland is launch her latest novel Watching Willow Watts today. In her novel Willow is transformed into the living reincarnation of Marylin Monroe and Talli invited everyone to share who they would be transformed into if they could.

I have always been a fan of crime and historical fiction novels and am not at all keen on reading chicklit. However, I read Talli’s first novel The Hating Game simply because she is one of the nicest people I have ever met, and despite my expectations I enjoyed it quite a lot. I have to say that I enjoyed reading Watching Willow Watts even more. Willow is such a likable character and one I wished I could be friends with in real life. Does that make me a saddo? Perhaps…but you’ll have to read it yourself before you can pass judgement. Let me know what you think after you have 🙂

Join Talli’s party fun on her blog or for you twitter fans out there the launch party hashtag is #watchingwillowwatts

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