Speedy Stories

Published on Sunday 26th February 2012 by DJ Kirkby

This week I will be running the first of my WeLL What’s Your Story? school based sessions, and I am feeling nervous! In order to be able to work on creative writing with each student in the school during my visit I have had to develop a series of age focused workshops which will facilitate speedy story writing. Although Westover Primary are aware that they are my pilot school for this technique I still want to avoid mistakes and ensure that it ends up as a perfect and fun day for the students.

I have some lovely goodies to give out to the students at each school that hosts me for a WeLL What’s Your Story? event – writing certificates, bookmarks, stick on little healthy Pompey fuzzies and pencils.  Also, because this first school based WeLL event is on World Book Day,  I will be giving away books donated by HarperCollins, Anova Books, Rebecca Emin, Gary Smailes, Tamsyn Murray, Peny Bush and Stephanie Parker.

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