80,000 words in 80 days

Published on Sunday 1st May 2011 by DJ Kirkby

Many of you will already know that I do like a writing challenge. I think they are a good way of getting a rough first draft of a novel or book out. Once I have done that I then promptly put it away for a while before starting to edit it into a more presentable manuscript.

The last writing challenge I did was NaNoWriMo in November 2010 where I wrote 51, 196 words in 30 days. The next writing challenge begins today in the form of May – You Write Your Novel where I have to write 80,000 words in 80 days. You can keep track of my word count here, here, or here if you are so inclined.

My plan is to finish writing novel number two – Love and Other Lies, finish writing my nonfiction book – Butterfly Babies and start writing  novel three – Tom and Audrey.  Due to the fact that I will be fitting this in around family time and working full time, I am unlikely to be posting here very often until I have completed, or been defeated, by this new writing challenge.

Any tips on how to survive would be most welcome and feel free to heckle my insanity should you have the urge.

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  • I think it’s a challenging but achievable goal, considering everything else you have on. It’s always inspiring to read about other people’s writing goals. Great to see more people being focused and dedicated. It’s the only way to improve your craft. Good luck. I will look out for your updates on Twitter.

  • I’ll be taking part in this challenge and am going to go over the daily 1k wordcount at weekends as a back up for any week days I can’t write. Hopefully this will do it!

    Good luck – you can do it!! X

  • I’ve also signed up to this and hope it will give me the push to complete my first draft. After following your tweets Denyse, I’m not sure you need motivating, and know you will sail through this challenge with ease. Wishing you lots of luck with it.

    • I am so glad you have decided to join in and I hope it gives you the push you need. I am not so sure I will sail through this with ease but sure appreciate your confidence in my ability to do so!

  • 80,000 words in 80 days?!?!! WOW!! I am cheering you on as loudly as I can! I have no tips for you I’m afraid as I’m too lazy and easily distracted but I’m full of admiration for your tenacity and determination!! Good for you and good luck!!!!! Take care

    • Thank you. I am trying not to think about it now and to just look at each day as a normal one rather than looking ahead to the 80th day of writing!

      • P.S. NaNo is actually a lot more ambitious because I had to write over 1600 words each day to meet the final word count. What worries me about MYWYN is that it lasts 80 days and I suspect I might like a day or two off during the 80 days which emans I need to write more than 1000 words on some days to compensate. Anyway, back to you and your lack of heckle….

      • Calm down dear! Its only a book (or two, or three).
        What’s novel about that.
        Words fail me! (frustrated author)
        Mywyn is my welsh auntie!

  • I’ve already told you you’re mad, but I’ll do it again here! I’ve GOT to do it as it’s the day job, but all those of you who are doing it for – er – fun? Good luck, anyway. And in among the family, the day job and the word count, what about the thinking time? That’s the trouble. If you were copy typing, 1000 words a day would take about half an hour, (slight exaggeration) but writing a novel from scratch is a bit different…

    • You can’t always have been able to write for a lving though? Wasn’t there ever a time when you had to fit the writing in amongst the demands of famaily time and work in order to fulfill your dreams of being a sucessful author? I fit my writing in between 5 – 7am and think about what I am going to write while cycling to and from work, on my lunch break, while in the bath, when I should be sleeping, in the evenings….so I end up with a pretty clear idea of what I want to write in the following days writing session. Someday, if I’m lucky and talented enough, then I will be able to devote whole days to the process but until then I must fit it in the only way I know how. It isn’t ideal but that’s my tough luck and I can either give up or carry on trying to get my words written….

  • You, lady are an absolute monument to good writing and PR skills! You put me completely to shame…

    I’d quite like to take up this challenge, but I expect writing emails for work doesn’t count. Am considering a sequel to my chick-lit book, bit brave considering the first one hasn’t even seen a reader yet!

    Keep us informed and much love.

  • Hi,

    Just came over to cheer you on. Now I’ve discovered that you get up at 5am to write, I’m even more impressed. Be proud of yourself.


    • Thank you for the cheers. I struggled to get out of bed at 5am today even though I had been awake since 4.30. It was warm and suggly with my husband on one side and my cat on the other. I’m glad I did though as I managed to write 1,002 words, and to laugh my way through your hilarious blog post on competition writing.

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