My Mini Midwife


You may be planning your pregnancy or you may be already pregnant and you probably have a lot of questions. Whether this is your first pregnancy or your fourth, each one is different and My Mini Midwife is designed to help you answer those questions. You’ll be going through physical and emotional changes during this exciting and unique time of your life. You may have questions about what is ‘normal’, or why your body is doing things at certain stages.

My Mini Midwife is designed to suit your needs and those of everyone to whom your pregnancy is important. It is designed to be practical in nature: you can use it to find clear answers to questions as and when they arise, dip into it for guidance as to what you should do in certain situations, or you can read it from cover to cover. Tucked away inside My Mini Midwife you will find advice on planning your pregnancy and on taking control of and making the most of your pregnancy, labour, birth, and more. With your copy of this book as a reference and in partnership with your real-life midwife, general practitioner (GP) and other healthcare professionals such as an obstetrician or other specialist, you will be able to make the most of this memorable time in your life.

My Mini Midwife was published by Summersdale in February 2014 and you can order your copy here

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