My Dream of You chapter titles and one sentence excerpts

These will be posted on a daily basis between May 20th and June 5th 2012

Chapter one – Why Betty Cried:

‘Mind how you go.’ Albie’s strong hand threaded with thick veins and dotted with age spots steadied her at the elbow.

Chapter two – The Summer Fair:

It had all begun so innocently, as these things often do.

Chapter three – Dirty Laundry:

Betty and Maggie popped in to the wool stall to say goodbye to the old woman on their way home.

Chapter four – Freedom:

Late the next afternoon Betty loaded her mum’s suitcase and carpet bag into the boot of her car.

Chapter five – The Kiss:

The girls lingered after the ride that afternoon so that Maggie could help Joe and his dad settle the horses.

Chapter six – Lost Boy:

John and his dad arrived just as they were finishing breakfast the next morning.

Chapter seven – Beyond Innocence:

Each of the four took it in turns to call out for the missing boy, scanning alternate sides of the woods as they walked.

Chapter eight – The Sickness:

A few hours later Betty’s stomach began to cramp.

Chapter nine – The Examination:

By the time a third month had passed without any let up in the ever present nausea, Betty had to admit to herself that she wasn’t recovering as well as Dr Timms’ sofa side chat had led her to believe she would.

Chapter  ten – Separation Anxiety:

The door swung open, and Betty’s stomach swooped like it did when her mum drove fast over the crest of the train bridge.

Chapter eleven – Crazy Is As Crazy Does:

If she tilted her head just right, Betty could smell the sea cutting its way briskly through the lingering odour of body fluids and disinfectant.

Chapter twelve – The Confinement:

What is it like?’ The Matron raised a questioning eyebrow in response. ‘To deliver a baby I mean.’

Chapter thirteen – The Golden Time:

Betty unbuttoned her top, laid the folded blanket across her chest and tucked the ends under her bra straps.

Chapter fourteen – A Chance Would Be A Fine Thing:

They wandered the grounds, drifting aimlessly from flower to bush, coming to a halt under the shade of a tree from time to time.

Chapter fifteen – Caught Short:

True to form, the English summer went from perfect to storm in less than an hour.

Chapter sixteen – Run Rabbit Run:

Betty was at the front of the queue when the South Coast Express opened its doors to allow passengers to board.

Chapter seventeen – Sun Warmed Wood:

The noise of her fist on the door made her jump, and she laid the palm of her hand against it in mute apology.

Chapter eighteen – That was Then, This Is Now:

Her back creaked as she bent over, reminding her that she was an old woman now.

Chapter nineteen – The Wrong Sheets:

Betty woke in a grump. Why am I so damn hot?

Chapter twenty – Fair Share:

‘Won’t be long now and I will be able to return the favour.’ Maggie murmured as Betty pulled the brush through Maggie’s hair making childhood memories dance around the room.

Chapter twenty one – Passing The Test:

A frisson of nerves fired through her and she shuddered, though she couldn’t define if it was with anticipation or dread.

Chapter twenty two – The News

‘Get on with it woman, tell me your news and stop being such a tease with it!’

Chapter twenty three – The Walking Puddle:

‘Ready?’ Maggie asked Betty as she parked the car.

Chapter twenty four – Elizabeth II:

Time seemed suspended in gossamer joy.

Chapter twenty five – The Moon is Bright:

Betty put down her knife and fork slowly, using the time to get her emotions under control before looking up at Maggie.

Chapter twenty six – A Sharp Intake of Breath:

‘I’m obsessed.’ Betty offered by way of apology as she leapt up to check her inbox for the 3rd time that afternoon.

Chapter twenty seven – Dappling Light:

Betty leant against the bark of the tree. Tilting her head back, she squinted up into the leafy canopy above.