My 2020 Reading List

Between January 1st 2020 – December 31st 2020 I will list the books I read, with the aim to have at least one title to go beside each letter of the alphabet.  You can see my reading list from previous years by clicking on the following links: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019. I post reviews on Goodreads, Amazon and NetGalley, and the links from here will take you to my reviews on Goodreads.

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A – (The) Assistant, After the Fire, All The Rage,

B – (The) Boy From The Woods, Blood Orange, Brixton Hill, (The) Babysitter,

C – (17) Church Row, Come a Little Closer, (The) Cutting Place, Can You See Her, (The) Chalet,

D –

E – (The) End of Men,


G – (The) Glass House,

H –  (The) House on the Lake, Home,

I – I Know Who You Are, Invisible Girl, I Made A Mistake, Imperfect Women,

J – Just Like The Other Girls,


L – (The) Lady of the Ravens, Little Girls Tell Tales,

M – (The) Memory Wood, (The) Molten City, Mr Mercedes,

N – Naturally Tan, No Signal, (The) Ninth Child, (The) Nesting,

O – (The) Other Passenger,

P – (The) Perfect Wife, Proximity, Perfect Murders, (The) Perfect Couple,



S – Strangers, She, Secrets of a Serial Killer,

T – (The) Testaments, Three Hours, Their Little Secret,

U –

V – (The) Vow,

W – Woman on the Edge, Wild Life,