My 2018 Reading List

Between January 1st 2018 – December 31st 2018 I will list the books I read, with the aim to have at least one title to go beside each letter of the alphabet.  You can see my reading list from previous years by clicking on the following links: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017. I post reviews on Goodreads, Amazon and NetGalley, and the links from here will take you to my reviews on Goodreads.

Reviews Published Challenge Participant Professional Reader 25 Book Reviews Frequently Auto-Approved
A – A Dark So Deadly, All The Hidden Truths, A Little Bird Told Me, Alfie in the Snow,

B – Bring Me Back, (The) Brighton Mermaid, (The) Break Line, Bad Girls With Perfect Faces,

C – Christmas at the Cornish Cafe, (The) Confession, (The) Cult on Fog Island, (The) Chosen Ones, A Christmas Gift, (The) Christmas Promise, (The) Christmas Sisters,

D – Days of Wonder, (The) Darkness, Day of the Accident, Do Not Disturb,

E – Educated, Everything is Lies, Exhibit Alexandra,

F – Faking Friends, (The) Fear, Fighting Monsters, Falling For You, Foe, (The) Flower Girls, Forget My Name, (The) First Lady Escapes,

G – (The) Good Daughter,

H – (The) Hazel Wood, How Not To Die, (The) Hunting Party,

I – In The Dark, I Never Lie,

J – Jar of Hearts,

K – Killing It,

L – Look For Me, (The) Last,

M – (The) Marriage Pact, Mine, (The) Mars Room, My Name is Anna, (The) Mother of all Christmases,

N – Now You See Her, Not Ready To Adult Yet,

O – Our Kind of Cruelty, Only Child,

P – (The) Perfect Girlfriend, (The) Pursuit of Ordinary, (The) Plus One,

Q –

R –

S – Sticks and Stones, (The) Silent Corner, Snap, Stalker, Sleep,(The) Silent Patient, S.T.A.G.S.,

T – (The) Taste of Blue Light, Tubing, Truth Sister, (The) Truth and Lies of Ella Black, (The) Tall Man, Tell The Machine Goodnight, Trust No One,

U –

V – Voice Behind The Mask,

W – (The) Winter Station, (The) Woman in the Window, (The) Wicked Cometh, Whistle in the Dark, Watching You,
X –

Y – You Were Gone, Your Closest Friend, You Were Made For This,

Z –