Play Smart Play Safe

Published on Monday 15th August 2011 by DJ Kirkby

We had a safe trip to Cologne despite having to set off at 5.40am. As soon as we had checked in I went straight to the gym for a run which seemed to annoy one man (who arrived 5 minutes after me) very much. He paced around until I had finished my 30 minutes on the treadmill then placed his cup of water on there as soon as I had stepped off it. Odd.

I went up to our room for a shower before going down to the pool with my husband and N3S. Guess who was in the pool getting smoochy with his girlfriend? I’m sure you can imagine how delighted he was that we could join them in the pool. About as delighted as I was when N3S and I were in the hot tub later and a man strutted in stark naked! I decided to make the most of the opportunity…by using it as an opening for chatting with N3S about staying safe no matter what kind of fun he is having.

That was one the things that really impressed me about the Xbox website. Their Play Safe Play Smart campaign encapsulates this key message in a way that addresses the concerns of parents while encouraging children to enjoy a fun and safe gaming experience.Ā  No need for unexpected naked men in order to get the play safe play smart point across either: clever Xbox.

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