Play Day

Published on Tuesday 16th August 2011 by DJ Kirkby

We went to an Xbox play day and have spent the whole day…playing! Xbox set up an arena filled with stations at which you could play their new games. Much fun was had by all but N3S seemed to manage to have twice as much fun as the rest of us. He played:

  • Disney Adventures – kinect controlled Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland crockett
  • Gunstringer – a most surreal and fabulous kinect game where you control a marionette gunslinger while being watched by a virtual live audience. I’m not doing it justice with that explanation, it has to be seen to be believed but it is awesome!
  • Airband – a kinect version of Guitar Heroes.
  • Motorsports 4
  • Kinect Sports – Season 2
  • Arcade Live games

There was a lot of media interest while he was playing the Disney Adventures games, several camera crews came and filmed him and I am as pleased as they seemed to be that there is another game specifically for his age group. However, the joy of Xbox gaming is that we as parents can control the content of games using the built in family settings tools for families which means he can experience a wider range of gaming options than he would be able to otherwise. The kinect games are still all about exercise disguised as gaming fun  shhhhh don’t tell the children!

Tomorrow we will be spending all day at the play arena again and plan to play the same games as today plus Dance Central 2 and Star Wars! Oh yes, can’t wait…we hugged R2D2 today 🙂

Now we’re off for a swim as N3S is still full of energy. I think I’ll avoid the gym and hot tub in case Mr Treadmill or Mr Sauna is there though.

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