Frequently Asked Questions

What is a writer in residence?

Residences vary depending on the expectations of the host organisation and the local community. A writer in residence is a published author who works with the local community on writing projects and activities, improving literacy skills and the irrevocably linked health outcomes. The residency also provides the writer with an opportunity to develop their own work and draw inspiration from the residency setting.

What writing projects will Portsmouth residents be involved in?

There will be two distinct pieces of work that result from my time as Writer in Residence for Portsmouth Libraries:

  • Through outreach work the older Portsmouth residents will be engaged in producing an account of a local culture and history from their perspective.
  • The younger residents will be encouraged to contribute to an anthology of creative writing which will result from writing workshops held in various venues within the local community.

However, my residency is not just about working face-to-face with people. I will also be providing online writing projects and discussion groups in order help to overcome the barriers to participation posed by disability and isolation.

Where can I find the dates and times of these events?

The full programme of events is here and the WeLL (We Love Literacy) What’s Your Story? public drop in dates are here.

How can I ask you a question?

You can post your question in the comment box below, and I will add it and my answer, to this page.