Xbox Live + YouTube = Writing Research

Published on Friday 13th January 2012 by DJ Kirkby

My guest judge for the *snerk* photo captions this week is one of my favourite crime authors – Joe Stein.  Joe says:My pick is Dom Kippin with : ‘By Mission Impossible 7 Tom Cruise was struggling to find that one thrilling stunt.’ Suitably daft and I’d just walked past that publicity shot of Tom Cruise hanging off the window of that skyscraper in Dubai.

Very honourable mentions to Chopski for: ‘ I always knew he was highly strung’ and for Jo with ‘He’s not heavy, he’s my …woops!’

Congratulations Dom, you have won a copy of Joe’s latest novel – That Twisted Thing Called Truth. Email me (djkirkby (AT) gmail (DOT com) your postal details and a signed copy will be on its way to you.

I have been busy working on novel number two again (more about this on Sunday), and I have discovered a new benefit to the voice activated XBox Live…I get to use it and still be able to call it writing research. Oh yes I can… YouTube clips provide a lot of inspiration for writing and during writing breaks I often watch clips of songs that make up the soundtrack of whatever I am writing at the time. Now I can do this without even having to put in the effort of typing in the search words. I simply have a little chat with our XBox live dashboard and off it goes to fetch what I want to watch on YouTube. Cue total relaxation, erm, writing research!

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