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Published on Sunday 1st July 2012 by DJ Kirkby

I am giving away one copy of My Dream of You to a newsletter subscriber on Sunday 22nd July so sign up here for your chance to add to your holiday reading pile. If you prefer digital books then you can get a copy for your eReader here.

What people are saying about My Dream of You:

“D.J. Kirkby writes with compassion and energy, creating characters you can really care about.” – Sarah Salway (Canterbury Poet Laureate)

“Evocatively written, My Dream of You is an absorbing read filled with interesting characters, plot twists, and emotion.” – Talli Roland, bestselling author of Build a Man

“A tale of motherhood, of hope and of love. Truly touching.” –Caroline Smailes, author of 99 Reasons Why

“A beautiful story delightfully told.”  Kim The Book Worm

“Well worth a read.”  Ally W

“It had me gripped from start to finish.” Emily 76

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