The scent of cinnamon and strawberries

Published on Friday 29th April 2011 by DJ Kirkby

Congratulations to Dave Bartlett who submitted the winning caption this week: “When I said ‘Have a drink on me,’ this wasn’t quite what I had in mind”. Dave, your prize is a collection of award winning short stories titled The Scent of Cinnamon by Charles Lambert. Please email me your postal details.

I am trying to write a tricky bit of Love and Other Lies and struggled with getting more of the story out at first this morning, but by the end of my session I had written 1,400 words. Here is a snippet for you:

She sank onto the bed, and unsure how to hug him without disturbing the tubes that snaked into his far arm and the wires that were stuck to his chest, decided to comprise by clutching his arm against the warmth of her breasts, careful not to dislodge the grey clamp on his finger.

I rewarded myself with a 5k jog, then came home and made us all strawberry pancakes drenched in maple syrup for brunch. No wonder I am shaped like a cushion…

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