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Published on Sunday 7th April 2013 by DJ Kirkby

My newest book Special Deliveries: Life Changing Moments is now available to buy as an e-book worldwide. However, I think it needs to be celebrated with a launch party, and to help make the party extra special I am asking readers to share a life changing moment before the 7th April.

You can share your moment as a comment below this post, in a tweet (using the #SpecDel hashtag),  as a post on your blog, by posting a comment, photo or illustration on my Facebook page, or on your own.

Leave a comment below with a link to your shared moment and you will be entered in a draw for a £20 donation to be made in your name to support the VSO Volunteer Midwives.   The winner will be announced here on the 7th April.

Between the 31st March and 7th April Special Deliveries: Life Changing Moments will be discounted worldwide to less than half price. Here are a few links to the most commonly used stores:

  • Amazon
  • Barnes&Noble
  • WHSmith
  • Smashwords
  • Use this link if you would like to add Special Deliveries: Life Changing Moments to your Goodreads shelf.

    I made a video book trailer to explain what Special Deliveries: Life Changing Moments is all about which you can watch  by following this link

    Last but not least, if you would like to read a couple of excerpts from Special Deliveries: Life Changing Moments just follow this link.

    I look forward to reading about or seeing  your life changing moment!

    Post update 7/4/13

    Congratulations to Kim the Bookworm!  Your name was chosen in the draw for a donation to be made in your name to the VSO Midwives Charity. Thank you so much to everyone who chose to share a life changing moment.

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    • Great competition and such a worthy cause! My life changing moment was undoubtedly becoming a mother. Diagnosed with PCOS in my teens, I was told that my chances of motherhood were practically nil. Thank the Lord for fertility treatment, as my little man Jayden was born after two months of fertility drugs, and my second baby boy was born 14 months later, with no help at all!

    • My life-changing moment (the next one) will actually come on April 8th, which is Holocaust Memorial Day. I’m going to have the Hebrew words: Yizkor tattooed on the inside of my left wrist. Yizkor means ‘remembrance’ – it’s the mourners prayer which is recited 4 times a year in the Jewish tradition. I’m doing it as a proclamation of my faith, and as a memory of the paternal grandparents, who perished during the Holocaust.

    • My life changing moment happened the day after I found out i was pregnant and I saw a medium who told me that my mom had sent me a very special present. The day after I had my son Oliver, I remember changing his nappy in the middle of the night and holding him in my arms while I looked up to Heaven showing my Mom her beautiful new grandson. I realised then that it was my main job in life to be as good a mom to him as my mom was to my sister and I. I wish every day that she could be with me to share this fabulous little boy with me but knowing that he is a present from her does bring me some comfort. I firmly believe in this. If some people choose to link I’m completely bonkers that’s up to them! I know! Xxx

      • Hi Kim, thanks for sharing such a life changing moment! I think that there are powers beyond that which we could imagine and that almost anything is possible when it comes to the links between birth and death.

      • Your life changing moment(s) are so beautiful, sad, inspirational, empowering and joyful. Thank you so much for leaving a link to your post so I could read it.

    • My life changing moment happened six weeks after my mum died. We spent the six weeks as a family grieving and sorting things out then it was time for me to go back to work, which was 250 miles away. My first day back I met my partner and it felt that my mum was saying I have gone but here is someone else to look after you.
      We would never have been able to have a relationship before as I spent all the last few years traveling to see my mum . Life is very strange but i believe everything is for a reason.

    • I would love to say it was the day I exchanged vows or my children were born were my moments, and they were. However, there is a close third. My fortune education allowed me to finish Uni with a degree in Hotel Management and I quickly worked my way up the ranks, back home in Cyprus, to Hotel Manager of a 5* Property. My first day “as boss” was my moment. Why? Not for me, but my dad, who when he moved to the UK as a 14 year old non-english speaking village boy, always wanted a/his son to be a Hotel Manager. I wanted to be a mechanic!
      It’s funny how we try so hard to make our parents proud, but so fulfilling along the way, and hugely rewarding when you get there. But now as a father myself, I have realised that my dad was and would have been proud every single day.
      That was my 3rd Moment

      • Andy, I think it is so lovely that you studied for a job you didn’t want to do and became a success at it just to please your father. As a business owner (of a company that makes the BEST fish and chip I have ever eaten) you sure have come a long way from the time you managed hotels though! I bet your dad is up there busily pointing down at you and telling others “That’s MY son!” Do you still want to be a mechanic?

    • My life changing moment was the evening I got a positive pregnancy test. As a single woman still waiting for mr right I decided to go it alone and use a donor. It was the biggest decision I’d ever made and I honestly didn’t think it would work but I told myself at least I’d have tried. I fell pregnant really quickly and from that moment I became a mummy in my heart and the miracle of motherhood never ceases to take my breath away.

      • What a beautiful moment Emily! Thank you for sharing and I hope that other women who are in the same position you were in may find it helpful to have read your comment.

    • My life changing moment came 2 days after my son was born and I wanted to go the shop. I was 21 year old independant woman who had trouble looking myself, let alone a baby. So when I decided I needed the shop, instead of simply putting my shoes and coat on, it took me half an hour to get me and the baby ready. It was then, sat on the bed, looking at this tiny little boy that I realised the rest of my life would be spent looking after him and taking my time to do worthwhile things for this little man. He is now 14 and not a moment has gone by when I haven’t looked at him and had that same thought. Although now it has changed to doing worthwhile things with him.

    • My life changing moment is one i don’t remember but my parents remember forever when i was born my parent’s and doctor thought i was a stillborn but the midwife didn’t want to give up and gave me mouth to mouth then i gave my first cry

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    • My life-changing moment happened when I met my now-husband, Ben, at university nearly eight years ago. I arrived at University terrified of being alone, nervous to the point of worrying the skin away around my nails and failing to eat anything; bad experiences of bullying at school had killed my confidence and sense of self (I was always a geek and a reader, which doesn’t sit well at an all-girls public school), and I was feeling very alone and unsure as to whether I would stay at university. Meeting Ben was a revelation; he enabled me to develop my confidence, he reassured me that I could be who I was always meant to be, he encouraged me to let go of the bad experiences, and to achieve all I wanted to; today I am a PhD student (nearly finished!), have travelled alone to New York (seven years ago I couldn’t have travelled alone to London, let alone to an international conference!), and have spoken at conferences across the country; without Ben, life could have been very, very different indeed.

      • Thank you so much for sharing this Emily. It is wonderful to hear success stories and I hope yours goes on to empower other people, just like Ben helped you discover who you really are!

      • Thank you for sharing Sarah! That is a very important life changing moment, may all of your moments make you as happy as the one you shared has.

      • Thank you so much for taking the time to share one of your life changing moments. After reading your post I think this was a great choice as it will give advice and hope to others who are considering their publishing options.

    • My life changing moment would be for me looking down at that positive pregnancy test with my first son. I had a flurry of mixed emotions, one being at 21 was I ready for such a responsibility?

      Well, I sure was and have been blessed with two more cherubs who keep me on my toes so never a dull moment here 😀

      Going through childbirth is a life changing experience in its self and with each labour I experienced each one was very different in duration and pattern etc however the pain never changed ha ha.

      • Hi Vicky, thanks for sharing! You sure are right about how individual labours are different but the pain is the same. I can remember having to do 4 pregnancy tests over a period of a week before I actually believed that I was pregnant!

    • I have 2 (is that cheating?)

      Firstly, the moment when I realised I didn’t have to stay married to my first husband – that I could leave and survive, and maybe it would even be better for the rest of us.

      And the second, that morning when I realised there was nothing to stop me going round the world – that sent my life on a whole new trajectory. (And for the better!)

    • My life-changing moment was simple yet profound. I was sitting on the couch a few years back, feeling battered and bruised by life and love. The TV was on. I wasn’t watching but suddenly what one of the woman said landed like a rock in my head. ‘You should never have to fight to be loved.’ I ended the abusive relationship that I was in. It changed how I saw my place in the world.

      • Ruth, thank you for sharing this moment. May it go on to help others who find themselves in the same position you were in. I feel lucky to have met you (albeit only through social networking and not in person), and I also feel honoured to know such a strong person.

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