My Dream of You

Published on Sunday 20th May 2012 by DJ Kirkby

I am taking a break from my usual writer in residence related Sunday post to indulge in some shameless self promotion about My Dream of You which is due for digital release on June 5th. I promise things will go back to normal here after the release date!

There is now a Facebook online launch party page for My Dream of You – everyone is invited so if you are on Facebook please join in.  I will post chapter title and one sentence excerpts there twice a day in the run up to June 5th.

For those of you not on Facebook I will also post the chapter titles and excerpts on the dedicated page here and on Twitter on a daily basis too.

Readers on my quarterly newsletter circulation list will get extra chances to enter their name for the launch day goodies and the newsletter related to this will be circulated on the 26th May.

If you would like to add My Dream of You to your Goodreads ‘to be read’ bookshelf then you can find it by clicking this link.

Last but not least,  please let me know if you find all the My Dream of You related info a bit too much –  I want to share my news with you but I don’t want you to feel I am spamming you.

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  • Nothing wrong with shameless self promotion in moderation. True – people do get fed up after constant bombardment, however most of us understand each other enough to realise we work hard, so it has to be done!

    That said, I just know your writing buddies will rally round to help promote you in whatever way they can. You deserve lots of success, and everything is possible.

    Best wishes

    • Thanks Rebecca. I agree it is important but I just want to avoid crossing the line to too much self promotion and putting my lovely readers off.

  • You know, I have a book launch that day, too, and i am feeling very non-together now! I am pairing with another Cozy Mystery writer for a blogfest, but I have so much I haven’t done, and now here are a bunch of things I never even thought of!!!

    Good luck to you!

  • Hooray! I’m not on Facebook but am happy to help promote your book in other ways. Will be in touch soon. And it’s nice to let people know about your successes, it doesn’t feel like spamming at all.

  • Not so much self-promotion as letting people know. I love hearing about my writing friends’ activities and sucesses. But agree with people about spamming – very counter-productive.

    Have noted FaceBook link…

    • Yes, that is why I have asked people to tell me if it is too much. No way of knowing otherwise! “Letting people know” is so hit and miss as we are all on different networking sites at different times. I seem to miss lots of people’s good news unless they send me a direct link (I blame having to work full time!).

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