Kindle Giveaway (mini competition number 1)

Published on Friday 16th September 2011 by DJ Kirkby

Click here to go to the first of my Kindle giveaway mini competitions. Get all 3 questions right and earn yourself another entry into the draw.

Click here for the first 5 ways you can enter

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  • I read an article in Pick me up magazine about a little boy with aspergers syndrome, My 5yr old also has the same and I your website address on the article o one offers much help you have to seek it yourself so its good to find authors and articles that help so I’ve bookmarked your website love it

    • Hi Rebecca
      Thanks for visiting. Both my son and me have Asperger’s syndrome. There are lots of autism related links on the sidebar of my blog. There are also lots of ways to enter this Kindle competition just look under the giveaways tab and follow the instructions for each post. Good luck

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