My Dream of You – Champagne Anyone?

Published on Tuesday 5th June 2012 by DJ Kirkby

Thank you to everyone for helping make June 5th such a fabulous launch party day.  The comments section is now closed to new entries and the winners will be announced Sunday June 11th. If you can’t wait to find out if you are one of the lucky winners, or you would like to treat someone to their own copy of My Dream of You, then you will be pleased to know that you can buy a digital version for £1.53  by clicking here(UK) or for $2.40 here (US)


My Dream of You Cover

Click on the cover to go to the book blurb and other info.

Publication day for My Dream of You has finally arrived!

I wanted to throw an online launch party which would be suitable to be held during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, and I decided that this meant champagne and the other lovely prizes listed below for my party guests:

1.Bothams of Whitby champagne afternoon tea hamper custom made for the My Dream of You launch party. The contents of hamper are:  Apricot & Orange Teabread, Butter Rice Madeira Cake, Butter Syrup Tea Biscuits, Apricot and Almond Jam 8oz, Resolution Tea Box 80 bags, Small wooden tray, 750ml bottle of Fratelli Berlucchi (2006) Brut and a limited edition (signed) paperback copy of MDOY (unfortunately this prize is open to UK entrants only due to complications with posting all the contents of this hamper to other countries)

2. One of five limited edition (signed) paperback copies of MDOY (open to worldwide entrants).

3. A character named after you in my next novel (open to worldwide entrants).

4. One of 15 MDOY fridge magnets (open to worldwide entrants).

There are 3 ways to get your name in for one of the prizes above:

1. Leave a ‘Pick Me Please’ comment and the number of your preferred prize

2. Share the link to this post from my Facebook author page with the number of your preferred prize.

3. Tweet the link to this post using the #MDOY hashtag, the number of your preferred prize and copy me (@djkirkby) in.

You can do any or all of the above until midnight (BST) today.  The winners will be announced on my blog on Sunday June 11th.  Good luck everyone!

If you can’t wait to find out if you are one of the lucky winners or you would like to treat someone to their own copy of My Dream of You then you will be pleased to know that you can buy a digital version for £1.53  by clicking here (UK) or for $2.40 here (US)

Ultimately I write books so you lovely readers can enjoy them  (I am ever so grateful to you for doing so) but it takes a lot of research and feedback to get a book written, and for this reason I have thanked several individuals in the acknowledgements section.

However, I also want to say thank you to my publisher for all his patience, support and thoughtfulness because working with a dyslexic author presents unique challenges and whilst I cannot change the way I am, I do appreciate all his efforts. He refers to My Dream of You (on social networking site no less) as “an absolutely fabulous, fantastic novel” which makes me feel very proud.

Huge thanks to my very wonderful husband who had to listen to my  Skinny Love and Shelter writing sound track (yes, just 2 songs) for almost 18 months (the man has the patience of a saint).

Finally I would like to thank the following splendid people who have offered to help with this launch:

GinaJayneGailRebecca EMattDebsSarah BroadhurstTalliKathRebecca BClaireCathSarah SCarolineHayley SKimSarah B, Carol, Alison, Kirsty

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  • Wow! Congratulations … I just want you to know how thrilled I am for you, CHEERS!! Is your book available on Kindle?

  • WOOHOO! I’m so happy for you, D.J.! I’m happy for me to be able to read another of your books, too!

    I’m helping you celebrate over at my place!

    Oh! yeah, I’d LOVE an autographed copy of My Dream of You!

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  • Can’t wait to lay my hands on a copy. Well done so delighted for you. Xx

  • Yay! Congratulations! ♥
    Hope you enjoy your launch party, I shall raise a glass to you later! Cheers!
    Please put me in the hat for #1, it all sounds so yum! ♥

  • Congratulations Denyse. Your book is wonderful, had me gripped from start to finish & another sure triumph. X

    • Thank you so much! It’s always lovely to get feedback from readers. I have put your name in the draw for prize number one, hope that’s ok.

  • Mazeltov Denyse. Can’t wait to read it. I shall get my Kindle out. Pick me for no. 1 Please!! Have fun

  • Hi Denyse,

    Have a lovely day. I will download your book and am in Ireland so put me down for prize #4, always useful with 4 kids and their pictures. 🙂

  • Congratulations on the launch of your new book. I would love you to pick me please for Prize 1. Have a fabulous day xxx

  • Oh yes! Pick me please! Prize #1, of course, so I can toast your success (and hard work) with the champagne. Well done Denyse, so pleased for your new ‘baby’. Lynne xx

  • Congratulations! Well done – it’s out! I’m so happy for you! I hope you have a lovely day celebrating – and how marvellous that it all coincides with this weekend of festivities. Lots of love – G xx

    • Thank you! I am putting your name down for number 1 because I am using a random name picker thingy so the draw will be fair.

  • Many congratulations, Denyse, on the publication of My Dream of You. Hope you have a lovely day. I would love to have the chance of winning prize no. 4 for my fridge!

  • Congrats on launch day! I’m heading over to Amazon to do a sample download right after this. Thx for the blog comment by the way.

    Pick me please for no 1 please
    You should be really proud of yourself, as a fellow author I know how this all feels : ) xx

  • Congratulations on the release of My Dream of You, hope you have a great launch day and much success to follow. Trotting over to Amazon to download my copy of the book and in the meantime PICK ME FOR PRIZE NO1 – plleeeeeeeasssseee…sorry, I don’t usually beg – others will tell you differently – but what a cool prize!
    Writing and finishing any book is a phenomenal achievement – well done you! 😀

    • Thank you Tom. I have put your name in the number 1 prize draw. A very good choice too! The Bothams Hampers are rather fabulous.

  • Congratulations, Denyse! Hope you sell squillions! And if I win prize number 1 I’ll raise a glass and eat to you…well, it’s only fair isn’t it? Enjoy your day! xxx

    • Thank you! I am very excited, it is such a wonderful feeling. I have put your name in the draw for prize number 1

  • Many congratulations on your new book, Denyse, and I hope you have a fantastic day.

    I can’t wait to read ‘My Dream of You’, and I am glad you have found a supportive publisher for your fiction. Three cheers for Punked Books.

    I’d *love* to be in the hat for a signed copy of a paperback. I’m avoiding the first prize as that’s too much like temptation and I’m trying to be healthy, but it really does sound like the most amazing prize.

    Congratulations again! Have a wonderful launch. xx

  • Tons of congratulations showering down upon you like red, white and blue confetti – hooray! I hope you enjoy your lovely book launch day, and what fabulous prizes to help the celebrations along – a hamper from Bothams of Whitby?! Signed copies?! Fantastic! As much as I would love – LOVE – the hamper, I’m mindful that I was lucky enough to win a top prize from you before, so my ‘pick me please’ is for #2. 🙂 x

  • Many congratulations on this your publication day, Denyse. Hope it is champagne and fun filled (can one not follow the other?!). I’ve downloaded a digital version, but would love a signed paperback to gift a lucky friend. Enjoy! 🙂

  • Woooohooooo its here…. and loooking fabulous… Hope you have an amazing publication day 😀 xxxxxx

  • Huge congratulations DJ – what a lovely way to celebrate! Pick me for number 1 please I haven’t had any champagne since 2010! (ah the joys of pregnancy and breastfeeding! ;)) x

  • Great work, DJ – will tweet and share this as I get near a PC throughout the day! If I’m picking, I’ll have the hamper, please! But more importantly, good on you and good luck with this!

  • Congratulations! Must be a wonderful feeling.
    Pick me please. I’d love #1 – it sounds wonderful.

  • Yayayyayayayayy!!!! Huge mega congratulations lovely DJ Kirkby!!! I can hear the champagne corks popping already!!! So so so excited for you! Yay again!! Take care

  • At last the day of the launch party has arrived! My e-mail inbox will never be the same again (at least until the next book!). Best wishes for a huge success for your book and please include me in pick me no.1 prize.

    • Haha did you feel spammed? Sorry! Thank you for your good wishes. I will add your name to prize draw number 1.

  • I dare not download given my other reading committments at the moment….so please put me down for no 2…I reckon the odds are better than those for no 1…..if I don’t win I will download the book en route to Gatwick on the 30th and my flight should pass by in a flash whilst I read something fun instead of “worky”
    Many congratulations, I remain in awe of your ability to fit so much into your life x

  • Congratulations. Your husband maybe is using earplugs and listening to his own wide selection of songs while you write! Just a thought. I wish you all the best with your publication. It’s an exciting time!

  • Hi Denyse,

    Congratulations on your great day! – can I please be put in the draw for Prize no. 2.

    Thank you

  • Hi Denyse! Pick Me Please – No 1 !!! Congrats again and again and again!!! x

  • Congratulations and Happy Publication Day.

    Sorry my blog post is late – too caught up in edits – will go and do it right now!

    Pick me #3

  • Hand shoots up in air. Miss, Miss, please pick me. All prizes are lovely, but number 1 has to be number one! Congrats for so many entries, anyway.

  • What a brilliant launch party and perfect timing. Very best wishes for every success. Any of the prizes sound wonderful but number 1 would be my first choice.

  • what a wonderful success, Denyse!
    and wishing you nothing but MORE ~ ConGratuLatioNs !!
    happy to be partying w/ you 🙂
    {flagging with a Verrry Large #1 to grab your attention!}

  • I hope you’re enjoying your special release day! Please ‘pick me’ for number 1 (and I tweeted a link for you too…)

    I wish you fabulous sales. What a great writing year this is being for you!

  • Hi, Congratulations on your book being published!! I would love for you to pick me!! Thanks Sam x

  • Hi, Congratulations on your book being published!! I would love prize number 1!! Thanks again x

  • Congratualations on your publication day! Enjoy your party. What a lovely selection of prizes. Please pick me for prize no 3! Thank you. 🙂

  • Hi Denyse,

    Just stopping by to wish you a very Happy Publication Day, lovely lady! I hope it’s been everything you wished for and more. Every success with My Dream of You – I’m enjoying it very much.

    Kath xxx

  • Looking forward to reading MDOY – I would like prize number 2 if I got picked!

    • So happy to hear you want to read another of my books. I have added your name to prize draw number 2.

  • Congratulations on your lovely book launch party, Denyse. If picked, prize number 4 would be great, please.

  • Hi Denyse, I’m so chuffed I’ve finally got back online in time to offer you a big cheer and HUGE congratulations on the launch of My Dream Of You. It’s a cracker of a read and I just know it’ll bring you lorryloads of success. What fab launch prizes! If I’m lucky enough to be picked, prize number 1 would make my week 🙂 Many Thanks, Jan x x

    • Hi Jan
      So happy you could make it! Thank you for saying such lovely things about my writing. I have put your name in for prize draw number 1.

  • PicK me please – no 1.
    Good luck with your new book am sure it will be just as successful as Without Alice – Karen
    Ps have shared link in my fb page too!!!

    • Hi Karen, I am looking forward to seeing reviews go up about My Dream of You (and getting busy writing book 3). I have put your name in prize draw 1.

  • Congratulations on your release!
    What a fun and exciting launch party. If only I was eligible for the hamper – such a lovely idea of for a prize.
    Pick me please! I’d love to win #3 🙂

    • Hi Deniz, I thought so too because I love afternoon tea but I was impressed by the number of people who asked for other prizes despite being eligible for number 1. My readers know how to play nice 🙂 I have put your name in the number 3 prize draw.