The adventures of an Xbox Ambassador – Part three

Published on Saturday 12th June 2010 by DJ Kirkby

Yesterday was another full on day full of fun for everyone.  Xbox bought us tickets to Disneyland and hired a coach to take us there at 9am.  We had a day filled with magic, walked until I had blisters on the soles of my feet (yes ouch) and didn’t come home (oooh get me calling Shutters on the Beach ‘home’) until 9pm. I nearly died when N3S said he was going on California Screaming with his dad and much to my disgust he was tall enough to go on it. He loved it though and was gutted when there wasn’t enough time to go on it again! I have never been more relived that there wasn’t, I couldn’t even watch them on the ride, let alone contemplate going on it.
N3S said it was the best day of his life.  Hearing our son say something like that made me fill with emotion.  He struggles so much with everyday things like social interaction and it was wonderful to know that he has a memory like that to fall back on when he’s struggling. He has been so sociable and outgoing too as the children all get on and no one seems to mind N3S’s flappy behaviours during moments when he struggles with the sensory overload (though I did get a bit cross when he’d kicked my toes for the 10th time that day and then promptly felt like the worst mother in the world). The cutest thing ever is the fact that he has developed a crush on Blanca, the professor’s daughter. They bonded over some electronic gaming, of course.  We like the other families that are with us on this trip, everyone is so nice and I know it is going to be a wrench when we have to say goodbye to this break from reality and go our separate ways. 

Today we’re planning to chill out on the beach with the kids.  Well the women are anyway; the men are off to the nearest sports bar to watch the England vs USA match. Yes, even in the wonderful la la land that is LA, our men grind to a halt so they can support their country by watching football. It makes me feel kind of proud of them even though I don’t have the slightest interest in football. My mum wants a photo of N3S by some palm trees and I found a perfect photo opportunity yesterday.  I’ll try and remember to take a mobile phone shot too so I can bluetooth it into a post as  I know these past few posts have been sadly lacking in photos.

We plan to eat supper in the dining room tonight instead of ordering room service before falling into bed exhausted. Also the pool is calling to me and I think I may have to listen as my feet are too sore to spend anytime on the the treadmill but with all this delicious food I definitely need to spend some time working it off! 

I’ll be back here tomorrow with another installment in this adventure.  Thank you for reading, commenting and sharing it with me by proxy.  You’re all my ‘bests’ and I’m glad of your company.

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  • It all sounds wonderful. I'm glad N3S is enjoying himself so much and getting on so well. I love hearing about it all.

  • Sounds like great fun! It is nice for him to have the great memories. I'm not that much of a ride person, and I don't know what that ride is, but I've let my kids onto rides that there is no way on earth I'd go on myself.

  • I hope the men are back from watching the match – that by the way was a shocker!!!! England were just feeble making the Americans look good – which they were in a way! LOL!

    Anyway!! I'm so so glad that your son enjoyed Disney and will have only good and fab memories of this trip! Brilliant.

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

    Take care

  • Hi Lane
    Today has been fabulous. I'll blog all about it tomorrow as I'm too shattered at the moment.

    Hi FH
    N3S has had another amazing day and has been quite socialable on the whole. I'm fascinated by this 'new' him and am really enjoying watching him experience this different world.

    Hi Jill
    It is the most awful looking ride that goes elventymillion miles an hour and does a loop the loop!!!!My baby on a rollercoaster that does that? It's wrong!

    Hi Suzanne
    Its been all kinds of fabulous. Coming home is going to be a bit of a let down I think. N3S already doesn't want to leave.

    Hi Old Kitty
    They went and watched the game and were made very very welcome by the Americans in the bar. They said it was an experience of a lifetime.

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