The Adventures of an Xbox Ambassador – part six

Published on Tuesday 15th June 2010 by DJ Kirkby

Yesterday we had the most amazing experience of our lives.  Yes more amazing than this trip has already been.  How is that possible?  Well, we went to the launch of Xbox’s new gaming system which up ’till now has only been known as Project Natal.  Last night we learned that it is called Kinect.  I have loads of photos of us testing it out which I’ll post once we’re home. It is without a doubt the most awesome gaming system EVER! 
It allows you to game without any hand held controls.  Instead you use your body to control the game and it is so much fun! N3S fell in love with a game called Kinectimals which allows you to interact with baby animals, training them, petting them, playing with them, and it is all a cleverly disguised form of exercise.  (Shhh don’t tell the kids that last bit). We also had a go at bowling, track and field sports, kick boxing, dancing and car racing. I suck at car racing by the way…. Eventually we had to wrench ourselves away from testing out Kinect to go to a special performance of Cirque Du Soleil.  We went through on VIP passes and I’m certain I could get used to this A List lifestyle very easily. 

Once inside the Cirque venue we had an opportunity to try Kinect out again before moving into the auditorium for the performance.  It was a special performance for and all about the Kinect experience and was almost as good as actually using Kinect.  Almost but not quite as no performance can quite match up to the enjoyment of actually being able to indulge in some Kinect gaming time. I’m hooked.  So are Chopper and N3S and seemingly everyone else who was there last night. You can join the other fans by following this link.
So that’s it, the holiday is over and we’re heading home from LA  today *sob*.  What a whirlwind of a trip its been. We’ve met fabulous people, been treated fabulously and had a fabulous time. Did I mention how fabulous its all been? Having said all that I am looking forward to getting home to see our cats.  Does that make me a saddo? 

We’ve got about 18 hours travel ahead of us today and I’m straight back to work on Thursday *groan* but I’ll post the photos up asap…probably Saturday. Thank you so much for reading and commenting on my posts while I’ve been away.  It’s been nice to have you with us even if only on a virtual level.

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  • Sounds interesting (and doubtless I'll end up buying one!!)…rather like the Wii concept then?
    Ah, I envy you Cirque du Soleil – would LOVE to see them. In fact whole trip sounds fabby…
    Glad you had such a great time…

  • Hi Jane
    Not at all like the Wii as the Wii has hand control and also the body board. Kinect has no controls at all, you just use your body. It's totally interactive. Amazing. I'm not doing it justice here but it's hard to describe without being able to use a demonstration.

  • We've not long bought a Wii fit for the exercise value and it sounds like we should have waited!

    If only they'd given you a free sample to take home…

    I'm glad the trip was so wonderful. It couldn't have happened to nicer people.

  • Hi FH
    You def should have waited (sorry) but how were you to know? Kinect is available to buy from November this year. Thanks so much for your support during this trip, it was really nice to see your comments every day. Time to pack now. Back home on Weds even though it's only Tuesday morning in LA now. xo

  • I seem to have been on 'planet somewhere else' this week and have only just caught up with this. Glad you're having such a fabby time. Yey – go you!

  • There is absolutely nothing sad about missing your cats!! Of course you miss you cats. 🙂

    Glad you had a fab fab time. Even I thin the Kinect thing sounds amazing – no hand held controls – wow.

    Take care

  • I saw this on TV this morning! It looks totally amazing. How awesome that y'all got to experience this whole thing! N3S must be in heaven!

    Safe travels and no, you're not ditzy for wanting to see your cats!

  • That sounded like one heck of an experience.

    How do i hide my kids from the advertising? (Although after your description I quite fancy one myself)

  • Hi Debs
    We're home now 🙁 Just finished unpacking.

    Hi Helen
    We were under embargo for ages and couldn't blog about it so I only wrote my first post about it last Thursday.

    Hi Old Kitty
    Kinect is amazing for sure. We're home now. Grumplestiltskin looks skinny and grumpy and Werecat looks perplexed….that's about normal for both of them!

    Hi Nitebyrd
    Did you see us on TV? We were filmed but not sure if we're on the final cut.

    Hi Talli and TF
    Thanks. We're home now, no problems with the trip just a few minor delays.

    Hi Cathy
    It was a good trip and the SO was tolerable for both N3S and I on most days. He had only one meltdown but it was a bit of a doozy 🙂

    Hi Gumpher
    It was amazing. Oh and don't hide the advertising from the kids. Start saving your pennies as owning a Kinect is a must have. Seriously good bit of kit.

  • Yes that's all very well and good, but nowhere do you tell us what we really want to know – did you enjoy yourselves? (Or did I miss that part?).

  • Hi Troy
    Lol. Yes we may have enjoyed ourselves just a little bit 🙂

    Hi GOK
    Yes it is quite mind blowing; when I think back to when I was a child and our phone was still on a party line and then look at today's modern technology.

  • Not sad at all!! I got really excited yesterday about the prospect of coming home and seeing our splats (eeek, maybe it is sad and I'm just sad too…naaa)

    Glad you have had such a wonderful time honey and the new game sounds amazing (wish I'd held off on the wii too…ah well!)

    Hope you have a good journey

    C x

  • Hi Lane
    We are very lucky to have been able to be a part of this.

    Hi Carol
    Oh yes, we're sad…
    You'll have to buy a Kinect when they are available in November, you KNOW Chris will want one. Start saving now. xo

  • Hi Suzanne
    I can't believe I did either and tomorrow will only be worse but once I'm done with tomorrow then I can relax all weekend and hopefully get rid of this jet lag.

  • You are like celebrities! That game sounds incredible! No one deserved this trip more than you guys did! I am so happy for you and happy you had such a memorable blast.

    🙂 Welcome home.

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