The adventures of an Xbox Ambassador – part one

Published on Thursday 10th June 2010 by DJ Kirkby

I know I usually only post on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday but something extraordinary has happened to Chez Aspie and I wanted to share it with you. 

Ok… you all know I’m an Xbox Ambassador which is obviously already a dream come true for N3S, N1S and Chopper who all enjoy gaming sessions.  I know there are rumours that gaming might be bad for children but experience has led me to vehemently disagree. N3S is much more settled and sociable when he’s had gaming time after school. The last time I blogged about this, Fairy Hedgehog pointed me in the direction of this article. It’s well worth a read.

Anyway, as you read this post Chez Aspie is on the way to LA baby!  Xbox have offered us (and four other families – NotSuperMum , Carol Garrinton , the Funky Professor and a family who will be blogging about it all once we’re back), an all expense paid trip to LA to be present at a very special event.  The launch of Project Natal.  Oh yes!  

No, we can’t quite believe it either. 

Things like this don’t happen Chez Aspie. Well at least not until now. I may have to restrain myself from repetitively thanking every Xbox linked person we meet in LA.  (I know it would be socially inappropriate but the urge will still be there).  I’ve already kissed Kerry, the wonderful rep from Digital Outlook who was kind enough to introduce Chez Aspie to Xbox in the first place.  In fact I even told her I loved her….but I can blame that on the wine I was drinking at the time.

Sadly N1S can’t come because he went and got himself a job (hurrah, he’s employed at last) and N2S can’t come because he has an exam on the day we’re travelling back.  Strangely N2S didn’t seem too gutted at being left behind.  I suspect it’s because he’s got a girlfriend but that’s as far as I let my mind wander along in that direction of thought! I just pray the house survives the exuberance of N1S and N2S, without us around to kibosh any parties.

I hope this post isn’t coming across the wrong way. I don’t want this to sound like a smuglet.  I’m just totally astounded at our good fortune and wanted to share the news with you.  At risk of sounding ungrateful I’d just like to  mention that the flight is loooooong – 11.5 hours in fact.  That will be torture for two hearing, smell and touch hypersensitive autistics like N3S and I. I’m not ungrateful though, not in the slightest! I’m fully aware that there are eleventymillion people who’d happily take our place but that doesn’t make the autism related issues go away either.

However, Shutters on the Beach, the place that Xbox has booked for us to stay in will more than make up for any long haul flight trauma.  Well for N3S and I anyway; it may take Chopper a bit longer to recover as he’ll be on extra on edge trying to keep N3S and I calm and able to cope with the trip.

I’ll post some more about our adventure tomorrow (and every day that we’re away), as well as the wordless Wednesday winner.

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  • Stunning news! This comes across the right way as far as I'm concerned, you have every right to be thrilled by this – and I'm sure once the flight's out of the way, you'll have a fabulous time!

  • My Chris was very jealous when I told him about your trip!! Oh, and I agree with Trousers….this post just comes across like you can't believe your luck 🙂

    Have a wonderful time…I'm looking forward to reading all about it!!

    C x

  • Hi Gerald,
    Thank you 🙂

    Hi Carol
    I seriously can't believe it. I think your Chris would be less thrilled if he had to fly with N3S and me though. We're seriously twitchy on long haul flights. So looking ofrwad to actually being there, there are so many exciting things on the itinerary Digital Outlook sent us courtesy of Xbox!

    Hi Rachel,
    I know! Totally awesome! xo

    Hi Cheryl
    Thanks so much for being happy for us. I'm pleased that you're going to make the time to visit here each day we're away. I look forward to your comments. xo

  • Congratulations with your trip!!! Fantastic! I haven't a clue about xboxes and suchlike (I am so sorry – feel free to throw things at me! :-)) but I revel at your passion for these things and your obvious pride with your family!

    Have a great time!

    take care

  • That is fantastic news and it is great that you are able to share it with all your friends in the blogworld. Good for you! I'm sure we all wish you a great time and will be looking forward to hearing all about it on the Chez Aspie blog. The place you will be staying at looks absolutely wonderful.

  • I'm so very, very happy for you! Slightly envious too but mostly very, very happy!

    By the way, you don't come across the least bit smug and I'm not sure you'd know how to. You're just absolutely delighted and why wouldn't you be?

    Oh this is wonderful news and I'm looking forward to enjoying it vicariously when you come back and tell us all about it.

  • You don't sound at all smug. You just sound incredibly happy about having been invited to LA, which is how it should be.

    Have an absolutely fabulous time in La-La Land and look forward to hearing all about it and living it vicariously through your updates.


  • I saw the tweet and honestly couldn't BELIEVE it. I mean LA? Seriously??? Now to read this post. OMY!! LA!!! And just look at where you are staying. 🙂

    I am sooooo friggin' happy for you all! That is the coolest thing ever and you deserve this grand adventure.


  • Oh WOWEEEEEE, that's amazing news Denyse. I am utterly thrilled to pieces for you. You will have an amazing amazing time I know. I'm smiling all over my smily face!

  • I am so happy for you, Den. If anyone deserves a gift out of the blue it is you. Have a wonderful wonderful time (but I still think x-box will never catch up Nintendo wii)

  • Yay! I'm sure you're en route right now and winging your way to La La Land – have a great time and a spectacular trip!

  • Oh no – you don't sound smuglet at all!!!! I'm not sure actually that I understand what it's all about (I believe my boy experiences video games at his dad's house, but I'm out of the loop on this one). But then again, I didn't know the word smuglet either, and I believe I've adopted it quite nicely…

    At any rate, CONGRATS!!!! Sounds wonderful!!!!!

  • I already know you're enjoying it because I've arrived late and have already read some of your later posts. Definitely not a smuglet – you deserve it.


  • Hi Jill
    Smuglet is one of my made up words. Glad you've made it your own now too.

    Hi Suzanne
    It's all quite amazing and coming home is going to be a bit of a let down. I could 'A list' it forever 🙂

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