The adventures of an Xbox Ambassador – part five

Published on Monday 14th June 2010 by DJ Kirkby

Universal Studios lived up to our expectations and beyond them.  The day was gorgeously hot and Universal Studios has these fans everywhere that blow cool mist over the park.  Such a great idea and it made for a very comfortable experience. We even almost forgot about what lies ahead for us today, almost but not quite…

Today is the main reason why Xbox have generously flown us out to LA – the launch of Project Natal. It’s trending on twitter with the #projectnatal hash tag if you want to follow along and the #XboxE3 hash tag is being used quite a lot too. From the snippets I’ve heard so far, Project Natal is going to blow any supposed competition completely away.  I can’t wait to see it!

So we’re walking into Santa Monica to do a bit of shopping this morning because N3S wants a pair of green high top Converse trainers and then we’re off to the launch of Project Natal at 3pm. We’re even going to be allow to try it out!  OMG… Afterwards we’re being collected and taken to the Project Natal Cirque Du Soleil event. I may have mentioned once or twice my love of circuses…I’ve only watched Cirque Du Soleil on TV so far and that was amazing so experiencing it in real life is going to be incredible.  
I suspect this is going to be the most perfect day of the whole trip and that takes some saying after all the great fun we’ve had so far.  This afternoon and evening promises to be spectacular on a grand scale.  I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow. Hopefully Chopper will manage to get some decent photos on his mobile and then I can post them on tomorrow’s post for you.

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  • I read that there are only 80 invited guests to the Cirque performance so it just shows how exclusive an event it is, I hope it's as brilliant as you hope – and more!

  • Your whole trip sounds amazing, so I'm having a hard time imagining how it could get any better.

    Cirque du Soleil are incredible live. When I went to see them, I think I sat there for the duration with my mouth wide open, catching flies!

    I'm sure you'll have an absolute blast.

  • Oh wow !! Cirque de Soleil!! Hope you and your family have a brilliant time – so good to hear it's turning out exceptionally well!

    Take care

  • Wow – until I read this sentence: "It's trending on twitter with the #projectnatal hash tag if you want to follow along and the #XboxE3 hash tag is being used quite a lot too." I was pretty sure I had at least SOME idea of what twitter was all about! I've even made attempts at explaining it to people before. But apparently I have no earthly idea, 'cuz I'm not even sure that's English!

    Have a GREAT time at Cirque du Soleil!!!! That sounds fantastic – I'm excited for you!

  • I'd love to go to Universal Studios. What a fabulous trip you're all having.

    There's an award for you over at mine.

  • OMG it all sounds so exciting!! You will love Cirque de Soleil…Chris, Tom and I went to see them a few years ago and, like Kath, we all sat there with our mouths hanging open! I can't wait to read all about it!!

    C x

  • Oh. Oh. Oh. So happy for you all and the best news is I can sit with N3 on whatever that date is you asked me to do! So glad you are having such an amazing time. It sounds like a dream! Aunty Vixs. xxx

  • Hi Linda
    There was a lot more than 80 people there! More like 380 and that was just the VIPs. It was an amazing experience and we had awesome seats.

    Hi Kath
    Cirque was everything I expected it to be and yet somehow different as it was a special performance all about and for Kinect which is Xbox's new gaming system.

    Hi FH
    It was incredible.

    Hi Nitebyrd
    I'm blogging about it in a min!

    Hi Old Kitty
    Oh wow is right. OMG what a trip it's been.

    Hi Sparx,
    Cirque was incredible. The whole trip hasbeen amazing. Gutted to be leaving today though.

    Hi Jill
    Hah! It is English…just not as we knew it. x

    Hi JJ
    Universal is my favourite place at the moment 🙂

    Hi Carol
    You KNOW what I'm like so yes I did enjoy Cirque very much. More please 🙂

    Hi Captain Black
    That's cool! I'm going to follow your link in a min.

    Hi Aunty Vixs
    It's been amazing. Loads of photos to show you. Leaving today *sob*

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