New Beginnings

Published on Monday 23rd January 2012 by DJ Kirkby

Today is the official publication date of New Beginnings by Rebecca Emin. Number 3 Son has been lucky enough to read a pre-publication copy and has enjoyed it very much indeed.

Head on over to Rebecca’s blog Ramblings of a Rusty Writer to find all of the details of how she is planning to celebrate today, or you can read some reviews of the book itself on or if you’re feeling shy!

You may like to visit some of the other blogs helping Rebecca to celebrate today too.

About New Beginnings

Sam Hendry is not looking forward to starting at her new school. Things go from bad to worse as the day of truth arrives and all of her fears come true… and then some.

When Sam meets a different group of people who immediately accept her as a friend, she begins to feel more positive.

With her new friends and interests, will Sam finally feel able to face the bully who taunts her, and to summon up the courage to perform on stage?

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