Virtual blog tour stop number two

Published on Friday 6th August 2010 by DJ Kirkby

I was laughing at all of your captions and cursing myself for not roping in a guest judge to choose a winner when I noticed the absolute perfect absurdity of Elsie’s  caption: “What? You’ve never seen a man wearing necklaces before?”. Thank you for your captions everyone, as usual you’ve brightened up my work week.

The first stop on my virtual book tour was great fun. You can catch up on the interview and questions readers asked me by following this link and you can head on over to stop number two which is where I will be for the next few days by following this link to Debs blog. 

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  • Oh as always I was completely useless at caption creation but I laughed and laughed at all the captions sent!! Well done Elsie!!! Brilliant!!

    GOOD LUCK with your blog tour!!

    Take care

  • Hi Old Kitty
    Thanks, Debs has given me a glowing review of Without Alice. I am so thrilled that she enjoyed reading it so much.

    Hi Elise
    You are hilarious. Thanks for entering a caption. I look forward to seeing you on my virtual book tour.

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