Video preview of Without Alice

Published on Sunday 8th August 2010 by DJ Kirkby

This is a video preview of Without Alice. Please let me know what you think of it because the producer is very approachable, easy to work with and open to doing any minor edits that may be required.

There are currently four competitions running for a signed copy of Without Alice. Please follow this link for details.

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  • Hi Rachel, not mine this time but something Night Wolf Designs found. Perfect for my novel though, absolutely perfect.

  • Very "atmospheric"–makes me want to read your book, DJ. Had you thought about a photo of you in the video? I enjoy knowing what the author looks like when I choose a book.

  • Hi Faye
    Thanks for your comment. No, I hadn't thought about a photo of me for this video preview though there are loads in the one for From Zaftig to Aspie as that is my memoir. If you want to see what I look like then there are some photos on the dedicated Without Alice facebook page which you can link to from the sidebar of this blog.

  • A very well put together video preview. I just wonder whether it is over long – people have such short attention spans these days that even seeing 2min 37secs at the foot of the link might put them off clicking on it. I suspect it could be edited down to 1min 45secs without losing anything. The wordings especially seem to linger for some while after the four or five words on each have been read. If the producer is approachable it might be worth getting him to produce a shorter, tighter one and then watching them both to make a choice.
    I might be talking a load of bollocks, if so forgive me, but hopefully its a helpful comment.

  • I loved it and felt the sadness in the film, and would want to read the book by watching it.

    I agree with Troy that maybe the trailer could get away with having a little less time with the wording at the beginning.

    Great trailer though.x

  • Thanks for your comments everyone. I am passing them on to the person who made this video to see what he can do with them.

  • Just waking up over here so am a it late, but I agree with Troy and Debs. I think it's great and does the trick, but could be a bit shorter. Might be even more powerful then. Well done!

  • I love the family video clip and the wording works great and the music is so laid back!! Well done you!!! I also think it could be shorter too but I hope the video clip stays cos that's just perfect!

    take care

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