Tween Ambition

Published on Wednesday 3rd December 2014 by DJ Kirkby

Our tween was given art homework which encouraged him to “produce a colourful and vibrant Christmas scene, presented in any way you like, out of any materials you have available”. Did our tween choose an easy and stress free option like drawing, painting or even making a collage? No, he did not. He chose to make his scene out of gingerbread.

Did I give in to the urge to flail my arms about and wail “but you have after school activities almost every day of the week so how are we going to fit this in, and anyway it will all go horribly wrong and you will hate it, and it will be too late to make anything else“? No, I did not.  At least not out loud.

Somehow between work, music lessons and Scouts and extended school hours and gaming and reading (etc.) we managed to find time to supervise our tween with the mammoth task he had set himself (and to not freak out at any point while he did the shaping, baking, assembling and decorating). I will be cleaning up for the next 6 hours but it’s worth it just to see the look of pride on his face!

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