The joys of writing

Published on Wednesday 20th May 2015 by DJ Kirkby

I have to say I find writing a joy simply for the release it brings me. However, the multifaceted gem that is the life of an author means there are numerous additional benefits to writing. A few of my favourites are (in no particular order):

  • receiving lovely reviews from satisfied readers of my books for adults (thank you for taking the time to do this)
  • helping children discover the fun to be had in reading for pleasure rather than because it is part of the school curriculum (a.k.a working as a Patron of Reading)
  • being a part of a worldwide network that believes in supporting peers
  • meeting amazing people who are linked to writing and reading in myriad ways

I am meeting one such person for lunch today (it’s an actual part of writing work, honest). At the Patron of Reading conference this year Miranda McKearney OBE listened to me talk about the work I did with the children at the schools where I am linked as patron, and then referred to my mind as a ‘powerhouse’. High praise indeed from a woman who co-founded The Reading Agency and is now leading the way in exploring new ways of using words and stories to build empathy skills. She is channelling this via a movement known as The Empathy Lab. Of course this ties in beautifully with my ethos, and I am very much looking forward to discussing in detail how I can do more to support this wonderful Empathy Lab initiative.

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