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Lazy Sunday

I have the deep joy of begining my week’s hols with a viral eye infection, pah! Which means I get to try and write 5000 words, at Masters level no less, while peering through my glasses. Grrr. I hate wearing my glasses, I can never see as well as when …

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A lazy Sunday kind of post

Your kisses, and the way you curlDelicious and distracting girl,Into one’s arms and round aboutInextricably in and outTwining luxuriously, as twineThe clasping tangles of the vine;So loving to be loved, so gayAnd greedy for our holiday;Strong to embrace and long to kissAnd strenuous for the sharper bliss,A little tossing sea …

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Oranges and goose fat

Number 3 son woke 600 trillion and ten times last night. Those of you who know him well will already know this is nothing unusual; ‘my bed hurt me, my room is wibbling, when you shut the door the voices start, when you close my door it gets noisy in …

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