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Apple Roses

These apple roses are super pretty and fairly easy to make (if you enjoy baking). Method: Make your standard pastry recipe for one crust Slice one apple (skin on) paper thin using the flat blade side of your grater Slice your pastry into 5 cm wide long rectangles Spread thinly …

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“Doing” a Doctorate – week 11

Party time! Errrrr, not really…..but that’s how a typo on a recent performance review claimed I was fitting in my doctorate….sounds much more fun than doing my Doctorate ‘part time’, that’s for sure. In other news, I pressed the submit button for my first assignment today! Hopefully I’ll know whether …

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Moroccan Butter Beans

I made my Moroccan Butter Beans last night. Here’s my recipe – let me know if you make any changes to it so I can try those out: 1 tin butter beans (think these are called lima beans outside of the UK) 1 courgette (called small zucchini outside UK) – …

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