Like Bees to Honey

Published on Friday 28th May 2010 by DJ Kirkby

Hello everyone!  The fact that you manage to come up with captions for my wordless Wednesday photos never ceases to amaze me.  How do you manage to do that?  Especially for this week’s photo!? Anyway because you’re all comedy geniuses, I’m declaring you all this week’s winners.  
Please go around to each other’s blogs with a congratulatory handshake.
Cheryl -“You keep pointing that camera at me and you’ll be next”.
Gerald – “want to join me for lunch?”
Trousers –  “Look, when I said there’s not enough room to swing a cat in here, I didn’t expect you to prove me wrong!” and “As soon as I reach her knee, she’ll wish she never picked up the gun..”
Whirlochre – “Time to crochet me another hideous outfit…”
Kate – “The gloves really just get in the way.”
Lily S – “Should’ve gone to spec savers”
Troy – (to be spoken in an american drawl)
“I overheard my two boys saying they fancied a taste of pussy…so I went out and shot the neighbour’s cat”
Nitebyrd – “Dinner!Y’all!”
Gumpher – “As age crept upon her, Ethel’s dinner parties began to get less and less sophisticated.”
Talli – “Jumpsuits are in right now!”
Rob – “Where d’you find that picture of my mum, huh?”
HelenSparxs and Suzanne didn’t leave a caption but their comments did make me giggle!

It’s been a hectic week Chez Aspie  I submit my final Uni assignment next Thursday which means I can then go back to just working full time instead of working full time and studying part time.  It also means I can go back to writing for fun which I haven’t done since I started my Uni course in October! I’m so excited!
On Tuesday we travelled to the Big Green Bookshop in London for Caroline’s launch of her novel Like Bees to HoneyPhotos are here. We met loads of lovely people, some we already knew and some we only knew from blogging and twitter.  That’s the wonderful thing about book launches, they’re a  safe environment to meet people you have begun building a virtual relationship with. They are also set around a fixed time frame so people like me can scuttle away at just about the time when sensory overload kicks in. 
I came home with three copies of Like Bees to Honey  because Caroline’s previous novels have been utterly unique and totally spell binding.  I asked Caroline to sign them because I thought it was the best way we could say thank you to our friends who looked after N3S (until gone midnight) so we could go to Caroline’s book launch and our other friend who came to give Werecat her insulin while we were at the book launch. The third signed copy is mine, all mine!

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  • Was great to finally meet you! Would have loved to have been able to chat more, but it was a bit hectic (in the best possible way), wasn't it?

  • Hi Caroline
    I do move my hands around A LOT when I speak, don't I? I'm glad we're friends too 🙂

    Hi Trousers
    Yes I would have loved to chat more too but it was hectic and I am SO easily distracted. Good thing it only lasted 2 hours as I was quite exhausted by the end of it. Can't understand how Caroline was still standing by 9pm!

  • Hey thanks DJ. I admit I always click the link for follow-up comments on your Wordless Wednesday's and I enjoyed a few good belly laughs – so congratulations everyone. I'll come by for a visit soon.

  • It was a fantastic soiree! Wish I could have stayed a bit longer but was worried my dinner would end up in the dog!

    Was so lovely to meet you, Chris and Caroline =)

    kjp xx

  • Hi Kerry
    Even your dream dog wouldn't want that supper! I know eleventymillion people like it in this country but seriously, what's the matter with you all? It was lovely to meet you too!

    Hi Talli
    Ditto 🙂

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