Duathlon race one, done!

Published on Monday 16th March 2015 by DJ Kirkby

My physio has had me on a running ban ever since I injured my knee in a cross country race on Dec 28th. When she first told me that while I ‘might’ be allowed to run by March but that I certainly wouldn’t be duathlon mileage fit in time, I was utterly gutted. The duathlon mileage for race one was only a 5k run followed by 15k cycle and then finished with another 5k run – not a lot of distance for me at that time.

However, by the time the duathlon happened yesterday I had sorted my head out and ended up being grateful that my knee had healed enough for me to be able to at least participate in the cycle portion of the duathlon as part of a team. A friend (who describes himself as someone who doesn’t think things though very carefully) offered to do my run mileage for me in the duathlon and the duathlon organiser allowed me to change to a team entry.

Mother’s Day in the UK saw me getting out of bed at 4.30am to mainline tea and eat fruit before cycling to the seafront to rack my bike in the transition area. I spent quite a lot of my tea drinking time frowning at the wind that was making the trees in our garden dance like mid-party ravers, and hoping it wasn’t as cold out as it looked (it was).

During the race the headwind was strong a lot of the time, and I did struggle at times to follow my physio’s advice to keep the resistance low while still going fast enough to pass people using competition standard cycles whilst I was on my commuter bicycle.

However, I finished without my knee exploding, I can still walk today, and I am looking forward to race two (and three) in the series! Race two mileage is a 7.5k run followed by an 18.5k cycle and finished with a 5k run. Brian has agreed to do the run mileage for race two as well as I am being sensible and accepting the fact that my knee won’t be in good enough shape to do anything more than the cycle mileage. If you’re along the seafront on the 12th April please give Team DB Jeebies a cheer!

I am still fundraising for Autism Hampshire and any contribution you could make towards this would be most appreciated:http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/DenyseK

Pompey Tri pre duathlon pic

I am standing on the far right. Also in this photo is the race organiser (far left) and some of the other Portsmouth Triathlete members before the race began (It was freezing!)


Fighting the punishingly strong and cold wind

Fighting the punishingly strong and cold wind

Team DB Jeebies after the race

Team DB Jeebies after the race

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