“Doing” a Doctorate – week four

Published on Friday 1st December 2017 by DJ Kirkby

I am an imposter. Yes, that’s right (remember, you read it here first), I may have a Mensa level IQ (honest, this is a true fact) but it seems the others in my doctoral cohort communicate with each other using words not yet in my vocabulary. The only obvious conclusion is that I must be in the company of aliens of exceptional intelligence. Plan is to continue to immerse myself in their culture for as long as I can avoid detection.

Week 4: read week three by clicking here
Publishable doctorate words written –  draft of two articles completed
Doctorate suitable papers published – none
Cups of tea drunk – eleventymillionandten
Miles run – 18 (half marathon training plan is on track)
Cakes baked –  24 mince pies, 3 blackberry tarts and two more Christmas cakes (see pics at bottom of post if you like that sort of thing)
Crafting done – many rows of super soft baby blanket
Books read for pleasure – The Memory Chamber by Holly Cave and 36 Questions That Changed My Mind About You by Victoria Grant (see 2017 reading page for link to book reviews)
Books read for doctorate – none
Conference proposals written – none
Research funding bids written / submitted – none
Articles read for doctorate – ohsomanymanymanymymindisawhirl and most enjoyed article was one on ontology
Blogs read for doctorate – None (suggestions of suitable / recommended reading welcomed in comment section below)
Research undertaken – 43 of 44 students have completed the first survey, 6 students attended the first virtual focus group,  and 8 of 44 student shave completed the 2nd survey
Meetings with doctorate supervisors – none (done for this month unless I need prodding)
Meetings with ALN support – a couple of panic filled emails resulting in me now having two ALN support persons (one for doctoral specific ALN and one for disability specific ALN support)
Average level of guilt felt when squeezing doctorate days in work diary – minimal
Overall average stress level – panic stations (this week required a lot of deep breathing and listening to hippie music)!
Average success rate – moderate

Plan for next week:

  • Eat advent calendar chocolates
  • Run 10 mile Chimney Pot Challenge dressed as Mrs Claus
  • Draft a plan for my first assignment
  • Amend articles after feedback from people who want to be co-authors
  • Continue to recruit students from two other countries to participate in research
  • Conduct 2nd focus group with research cohort
  •  Exercise
  •  Bake
  • Crochet more
  • Cuddle new grandson as much as possible
  • Make more time to read for pleasure

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