“Doing” a Doctorate – week 29

Published on Saturday 26th May 2018 by DJ Kirkby

I was too ill with the snottemp virus  last week to remember to mention that I’ve been granted the funding to go to the Future Technologies Conference and represent the NoObesity Apps. The funding is thanks to the goodwill of my faculty’s conference funding committee and Health Education England who funded the NoObesity Apps (due for release late 2018).

The conference is in Canada so not only did I need conference fees but also for fights, accommodation and food. I am so astonished that I have been granted the funding because I am literally no one of any importance at the Uni or at Health Education England. I am feeling incredibly grateful for their show of support (and their faith that I won’t get impossibly lost and will actually manage to find my way back to work).

There is also a publication attached to representation at the conference – W I N! So now I just need to get the article “camera ready” by June 1st. Which would have been fine (ish) but I lost a week of evenings and  weekends either side when I could have done the editing thanks to snottemp and there hasn’t been the slightest window of opportunity to do it during work hours (which extended well into every evening) this week.

This means I will now be using a week of holiday time to get the article ready, and to catch up on my doctorate studies. Needs must and all that. And, (I tell myself with a firm nod) it will still be like a holiday because I wont have to actually go in to the office or to any meetings. See? Definitely like an actual HOLIDAY! So I need to stop moaning, saddle up buttercup, and enjoy the ride (nope, I don’t own a horse and have no idea who or what buttercup is either).

Week 29: read week 28 by clicking here

Publishable doctorate words written – NET article submission feedback still pending.
Doctorate assignment words written – Waiting for grade on “Death by Meths” assignment.
Cups of tea drunk – eleventymillion because, sore throat…*not an addict!   * may be a lie
Miles run – Zero because snottemp
Miles swam – see above
Miles cycled – Zero (eyesight too impaired to drive until after eye surgery so I can’t see well enough to cycle safely)
Cakes baked –  a melting banana fudge cake, a carrot cake, and also gluten free cupcakes version for a work meeting (pics at end of post)
Crafting  done- I’ve knit two cannula sleeves for dementia patients and started a third one.
Books read for pleasure  Fighting Monsters (see 2018 reading page for link to book reviews)
Books read for doctorate – Reading for assignment three begins next week – during my holiday, because I am so dedicated far behind.
Movies watched for doctorateTree Sense,
Articles read for doctorate – None this week
Blogs read for doctorate – Becoming a tree in VR,
Research undertaken – None this week
Meetings with doctorate supervisors – none (not in a place where I have anything to show) but I have a meeting with one of the unit leads next week
Meetings with ALN / LD support – none
Average level of guilt felt when trying to squeeze doctorate days in work diary –  wasn’t even an option this week, not sure when it will ever be possible again
Overall average stress level –  very high
Average success rate – excellent in terms of conferences related matters, pretty poor in relation to doctoral work progress

Plan for next week:

  • Wait for eye op appointment to arrive (have had pre-op date but still waiting for op date)
  • Wait for husband’s referral date to new specialist to find out extent of damage caused by illness number two (he’s received a letter informing him there are currently NO appointments!)
  • Bake tons of cake because I am on HOLIDAY
  • Continue knitting cannula arms sleeves for dementia patients
  • Finish FTC18 article
  • Prep for two day doctorate residential
  • Draft second CILVRS article (hmmm, this is unlikely to happen but I’ll leave it in here like a cattle prod)
  • Read more for fun
  • Allow myself to get distracted by all things shiny and appreciate that for the future creativity and benefit it may add to my doctorate

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