“Doing” a Doctorate – week 23

Published on Friday 13th April 2018 by DJ Kirkby

This week has been….interesting….

I have spent most of this week (including the weekend FFS) writing things for work: teaching prep in the shape of detailed fictional families and example referral forms for these families, conference proposals and poster abstracts, an article draft and a little bit of doctoral assignment no 2 which focusses on methodologies and methods (a.k.a. Death by Meths) and this blog which still counts as doctorate writing if you ask me – which would be preferrable to you asking the Head of the Doctorate programme (who might just say no). I’m still determined to find a way to include this blog in my final thesis…

I’m restricted to wearing glasses until I have had eye biometrics done in two weeks time. This means I can’t see very well at all, and also can’t hear people unless they are within a meter of me because I can’t see their mouths moving. I had no idea that so much of hearing well involved having good vision.

This will make answering questions after my presentation at OER18 a bit of a challenge – well that’s my excuse anyway. Travelling to the conference will also be complicated by my lack of vision (and I am not great at navigating to new places at the best of times) so I’ll be leaving extra early to start my journey on the day. There was a suggestion that I might stay there over night but I can’t bear the thought of staying away overnight if I don;t have to – I need the comfort of being able to be myself at home after the stress of having to fit in with neurotypical people all day.

Anyway, see you here same time next week, unless I am still trying to find my way home from the conference!

Week 23: read week 22 by clicking here
Publishable doctorate words written – Errrr, still waiting to hear back from NET about the article I submitted eight weeks ago. I even found an excuse to email the editor about the article but so far no response to that email either. I’ll just have to pretend patience….
Doctorate assignment words written – 4221 (of 5000) on assignment no 2 (excruciatingly painful words, I seriously considered withdrawing from the doctoral programme a few times while trying to write this assignment)
Cups of tea drunk – eleventymillion, let’s be honest, this number is never going to change….I think I’m an addict
Miles run – two miles of fartlek training
Miles swam – zero (I am restricted to wearing glasses until I have had biometric measurements done on my eyes and I can’t see to swim without corrective lenses)
Miles cycled – Zero (restricted to wearing glasses – see above – so can’t see well enough to cycle safely)
Cakes baked –  After writing my post last week I did bake 77 vegan champagne wedding cupcakes with raspberry curd in the centre For the event director of Southsea Park run who was there with his wife to be to run  on the morning of their wedding day.  See my recipe section for various recipes.
Crafting done – the team effort charity blanket is now finished. It turned out well, pic below post.
Books read for pleasure Tubing (see 2018 reading page for link to book reviews)
Books read for doctorate – None actually, lalalalalaaaaa
Movies watched for doctorate – None
Articles read for doctorate – I’ve just lost track now – there have been many articles read this week though.
Blogs read for doctorate – None this week
Research undertaken – None this week
Meetings with doctorate supervisors – none (not in a place where I have anything to show)
Meetings with ALN / LD support – current draft of assignment is with LDs for them to despair over
Average level of guilt felt when trying to squeeze doctorate days in work diary – acceptable
Overall average stress level – minimal
Average success rate – acceptable

Plan for next week:

  • Undergo training to learn how to use ALN tech equipment
  • Have tutorial with unit lead
  • Wait for eye op appointment to arrive (have had pre-op date but still waiting for op date)
  • Wait for husband’s referral date to new specialist to find out extent of damage caused by illness number two (he’s received a letter informing him there are currently NO appointments!)
  • Bake more
  • Continue work on Death by Meths assignment
  • Present at OER18 conference
  • Read more for fun
  • Allow myself to get distracted by all things shiny and appreciate that for the future creativity and benefit it may add to my doctorate

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