“Doing” a Doctorate – week 20

Published on Friday 23rd March 2018 by DJ Kirkby

Someone described this blog as the “Bridget Jones of Doctorates” – I’m (un)reasonably proud of that! Unfortunately (or fortunately for you, dear reader), I have nothing else to say this week because I have been too busy working to have time for anything else.

Week 20: read week 19 by clicking here
Publishable doctorate words written – Errrr, still waiting to hear back from NET about the article I submitted. No news is good news, right?
Doctorate assignment words written – 900 (of 5000) on assignment no 2 (exceedingly painful words – in fact I think I’d rather give birth all over again than write this assignment)
Cups of tea drunk – eleventymillion, now with added cups of coffee. Going to become a caffeine junkie at this rate.
Miles run – 4.5 (St Patrick’s Day race on weekend). Couldn’t get to 7pm Monday run club because I was still at work at 7pm
Kilometres swum – 1.08 (it may not seem much but it sure feels a long way!)
Miles cycled – None. I didn’t make the 7pm Tri training spinning class because I couldn’t get away from work in time S U L K!
Cakes baked –  Rhubarb crumble, blueberry brownies  See my recipe section for various recipes.
Crafting done – working on knitting some very basic  (because eyesight is rubbish now) squares for a charity blanket
Books read for pleasure Our Kind of Cruelty (see 2018 reading page for link to book reviews)
Books read for doctorate – None actually, lalalalalaaaaa
Movies watched for doctorate – None
Articles read for doctorateHigher Education in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
Blogs read for doctorate – Writing and wellbeing hmmmmmm, yes well I clearly am reading about it, now I need to begin putting the advice into action! Except, not time. Because, work levels.
Research undertaken – Second batch of research with new cohort begins next week.
Meetings with doctorate supervisors – none (not in a place where I have anything to show)
Meetings with ALN / LD support – still none. I kid you not. Getting a bit desperate now.
Average level of guilt felt when trying to squeeze doctorate days in work diary – Impossible
Overall average stress level – Still extreme
Average success rate – Minimal

Plan for next week:

  • Complete surveys ready for Auz cohorts
  • Complete recruitment of Auz cohorts
  • Enrol new UK and Auz cohorts onto pilot VRLE
  • Book tutorial with unit lead – this is pending from last week
  • Wait for eye op appointment to arrive (have pre-op date but no op date yet? WEIRD)
  • Bake more
  • Play with grandson as much as possible – this was a big fail this week!
  • Read more for fun
  • Allow myself to get distracted by all things shiny and appreciate that for the future creativity and benefit it may add to my doctorate

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