Published on Saturday 17th September 2016 by DJ Kirkby

A couple of writer friends came by for a cup of tea yesterday, we got talking about blogging and it reminded me of  how long it has been since I updated this blog.

Sourdough loaf I baked yesterday - yumyumyumyum

Sourdough loaf I baked yesterday – yumyumyumyum

I do have an excuse… several of them actually, including sick parents living on another continent.

So, I am preoccupied, and indulging in therapy known as reading, baking bread and desserts…and then eating said baking. In an attempt to work off some of this eating of baking I am trying to get back in the rhythm of exercising because I am moping, fretting and generally being more anxious than normal and not doing as much exercise as I would normally.

Lots of problems with this combination obviously, including damage to physical and mental health, and more immediately is the damage to my racing fitness. I have two biggish events coming up that I’ve ent – the RNLI 10K and the GSR 10 mile – so I need to get back into it. So, if you happen to see me lazing about eating too much bread and sweet baked goods you have my permission to tell me to get my running shoes on.


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