Dear Doctorate – Year two, week four

Published on Friday 26th October 2018 by DJ Kirkby

Dear Doctorate Diary

A week on and I am still struggling with the dilemma of whether I should stop studying for my doctorate and go back to having a life. I do resent having to choose between spending time with my family or exercising or writing my assignments / undertaking research. I’m not convinced it is a decision that should have to be made as really my family should always come first, exercise second and then studying, but time and time again I have to try and find a way to fit everything in outside of work. It’s not a pleasant experience. I tried to find out how others have managed to do this and the consensus seems to be that either they don’t have a family to focus on, they are doing their doctorate full time, their workload allows them time to focus on their doctorate as part of their work time, or they are as busy as me and don’t have any solutions either.

So while that all churns away in my mind I have been using a week of holiday to try and write my next assignment and also to prep for the trip to Canada for the Future Technologies Conference in Vancouver next week. Still no Canadian passport but I did manage to get special authorisation to travel into Canada on my British passport so that’s all sorted. My mom keeps sending me info about the increasing seismic activity around Vancouver and Vancouver Island which I really do not want to know about! Lalalalalalalalalalalala

My marathon training took a bit of a setback during my long run last week when I was supposed to run 15 miles but was absolutely wrecked by 12 miles and had to head home which mean’t I only ran 13.5 miles – a whole mile less than during my long run the previous week. I’m hoping it was just because I was feeling pretty worn out from working such long days, and I’ve started taking a vit B complex each day this week. So hopefully the fact that I am not at work this week and an added vitamin supplement will mean that I am able to manage the 16 miles I am supposed to run for my long run this week!

Week four in review: read weeks two and three by clicking here

Publishable doctorate words writtenVirtual health education: scaling practice to transform student learning article has been made available online by Nurse Education Today – click here for more info. Future Technologies Conference 2018 article NoObesity Apps – from approach to finished app has been accepted for publication.  I’ve finished the draft of the second CILVRS article so I need to send it to co-authors for their comment  / contribution.
Doctorate assignment words written –  1380 words written in assignment four
Cups of tea drunk –  Lost count, tea is so perfect, more tea please.
Miles run – 17
Kilometers swam -Zero because, work.
Miles cycled -Zero might have to remove this field on here as I seem to have totally lost the love for cycling, Perhaps now that triathlete spinning season training has started I will rack up some bike miles that way instead of actual tires on road mileage.
Cakes baked –  white cake with orange curd baked in, coffee cake with cinnamon bun centre  (see photo at end of post).
Crafting  done- Knitting is waiting for me to get back to it. I used to knit while watching TV in the evenings but now get home so late from work that I tend to eat supper while watching TV and then go straight to bed
Books read for pleasure –  The Last, My Name is Anna  (see 2018 reading page for link to book reviews)
Books read for doctorate – Emotional AI – the rise of empathic media (sample chapter) by Andrew McStay
Movies / videos watched for doctorate –  Johnny English Strikes Again, Can VR change how we think about others?, Video games created using AI,
Articles read for doctorate – None this week
Blogs read for doctorate – None this week
Research undertaken –  research checklist submitted to the ethics committee
Meetings with doctorate supervisors – none this week, still considering contacting the Programme Lead to discuss options
Meetings with ALN / LD support – Missed deadline and know they are very busy so haven’t bothered to request a revised deadline
Average level of guilt felt when trying to squeeze doctorate days in work diary – Ridiculously high. I’ve stopped trying and am using my holiday allowance instead.
Overall average stress level – minimal
Average success rate – could do better!!!

Plan for next week:

  • Wait for husband’s head, neck and chest CT scan results, referral to another neurologist for second opinion on diagnosis and also for appointment with Hepatologist (28th November).
  • Write more of assignment 4
  • Attend FTC18
  • Bake
  • Marathon training
  • Read for pleasure
  • Have a life

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