Dear Doctorate – Year 3, week ??

Published on Wednesday 4th March 2020 by DJ Kirkby

Dear Doctorate Diary

I have no idea what week of the (academic) year it is any longer…all I know is that, despite everything, I am still doing my doctorate. Go me!

I am halfway through my research and have begun writing thesis chapters.

However, imposter syndrome plagues me on a daily basis.  I mean, I’m just a midwifery teacher who is interested in ensuring students and clinical colleagues are able to access clinical experiences in virtual reality learning environments that wouldn’t otherwise be guaranteed in the non virtual world.

I’m a bit freaked out that I’m writing an entire thesis about this though because if I complete my thesis and then successfully defend it in my viva this means I would be considered an expert in this field.

And to be fully honest, I am still the person who would rather bake cakes that describe my mood / learning / desire to escape, than write about things at doctorate level. I might do a doctorate bakes themed post next because I think my (sanity saving) bakes deserve some mention in this thesis process.

The struggle is real…..


Year 3, Week 1 in review: read week 1 by clicking here

Publishable doctorate words written – Article submitted to NEiP, abstracts submitted to various conferences.
Doctorate assignment words written – 15,000 words (of 80,000) of thesis
Cups of tea drunk –  Lost count, tea is so perfect, more tea please.
Miles run – Zero, because on the injury bench again! Hurt the inner lateral aspect of my left heel during half marathon in Feb.
Kilometres swam – Zero, because Covid – 19 infection risk (in my opinion).
Miles kayaked – Zero, because it’s early March.
Miles cycled – Zero because sore heel / lazy.
Cakes baked –  many, many, so many since my last post. Check out my Instagram page or my recipe page for bakes.
Crafting  done- None, so many ideas, so little time
Books read for pleasure –  Manymanymany, because reading for pleasure is life.  (see 2020 reading page for link to book reviews)
Books read for doctorate – Lots on how to write lit reviews
Movies / videos watched for doctorate – Replica
Articles read for doctorateVirtual reality to help ease pain in labour , Becoming researchers: doctoral students’s developmental process,
Blogs read for doctorate – Medical VR, The Wellbeing Thesis,
Research undertaken – midwifery students (Levels 4 and 5), public health students (level 7), Physio students (level 6).
Meetings with doctorate supervisors – I now have two official supervisors: Dr. Isa Rega and Dr. Wendy Marsh. I had my third (.2) supervision meeting on the 20th Feb.
Meetings with ALN / LD support – Support tutorials to be agreed up to April this year
Average level of guilt felt when trying to squeeze doctorate days in work diary – very high but I did get two days this week which is AMAZING!
Overall average stress level – quite high.
Average success rate – acceptable

Plan for  March (in no particular order).

  • Write draft of lit review chapter
  • Begin research in Australia
  • Try to work less than 10 -12 hours a day
  • Bake
  • Read for pleasure
  • Make time for family

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