Dear Doctorate – Year two, week one

Published on Sunday 14th October 2018 by DJ Kirkby

This blog has been referred to as the Bridget Jones’ Diary of doctorates so I am going to start treating it as such.

Dear  Doctorate Diary,

I’ve had a pretty good week despite some very hectic work days, and continuing to need to work on non-working days.

The highlight of the week was representing my Collaborative Immersive Learning Virtual Reality Series (CILVRS) project at the CSIP Safety, Quality & Improvement Conference. There was a lot of buzz about the project at the conference and it was so nice to be able to chat to people who were keen to be involved. I also made a breakthrough in unpicking the delay in funding for the nextCILVRS virtual reality learning environment (VRLE) on Wednesday this week. This was a relief as I need to get moving on story boarding this VRLE but can’t bring myself to spend my precious spare time doing it (it’s still very much a labour of love in my own time rather than dedicated work time) until I know the funding is being processed. Getting the green light to spend the money is still a ways pff unfortunately (the promised funds disappeared) but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I have written the pre-VRLE use survey questions for my research pilot (assignment 5), written the Participant Information and Participant Acceptance sheets ready for healthcare recruitment next week. I’ve also enrolled for my second year of doctoral studies – can hardly believe I made it through my first year. If I can do it with all my ALN and lack of spare time then anyone can do a doctorate (if they are willing to give up some sleep and family time for several years).

I’ve got loads that needs to be done, and soon, like renewing my public health practitioner registration and working on assignment 4 but I am feeling quite burnt out so I did spend a couple days of time in lieu doing nothing except baking and relaxing. As a result, I dreamed that I submitted my next assignment…written on the back of a post card!  In the dream I was understandably concerned about the penalty I would incur as a result of submitting so few words. There is nothing weirder than dreams!

Week 50 in review: read week 49 by clicking here
Publishable doctorate words writtenVirtual health education: scaling practice to transform student learning article has been made available online by Nurse Education Today – click here for more info. Future Technologies Conference 2018 article NoObesity Apps – from approach to finished app has been accepted for publication.  Poster about the CILVRS project pilot VRLE has been accepted for the Wessex CSIP Safety, Quality & Improvement Conference 2018 and awarded highly commended status. I’ve finished the draft of the second CILVRS article so I need to send it to co-authors for their comment  / contribution.
Doctorate assignment words written – Errrr, less than 400 words written of assignment 4 but I will be working on that today. Honest.
Cups of tea drunk –  Lost count, tea is so perfect, more tea please.
Miles run – 10 (still folowing my marathon training plan and it was a low mileage week on the plan)
Kilometers swam -Zero because, work and grandson sleepover.
Miles cycled -Zero might have to remove this field on here as I seem to have totally lost the love for cycling, Perhaps now that triathlete spinning season training has started I will rack up some bike miles that way instead of actual tires on road mileage.
Cakes baked –  I veganised my Aunt’s recipe for Bavarian apple torte  (see photo at end of post).
Crafting  done- Knitting is waiting for me to get back to it. I used to knit while watching TV in the evenings but now get home so late from work that I tend to eat supper while watching TV and then go straight to bed
Books read for pleasure –  I Never Lie  (see 2018 reading page for link to book reviews)
Books read for doctorate – None this week
Movies / videos watched for doctorate – The 100
Articles read for doctorate – None this week
Blogs read for doctorate – None this week
Research undertaken – PI and PA forms written
Meetings with doctorate supervisors – none this week, still thinking about how odd the one last week was. May need to contact the Programme Lead to discuss.
Meetings with ALN / LD support – Meeting arranged for mid Oct (I am not going to make this deadline, obviously) so I need to email and apologise next week.
Average level of guilt felt when trying to squeeze doctorate days in work diary – Ridiculously high. I’ve stopped trying.
Overall average stress level – high
Average success rate – could do better!!!

Plan for next week:

  • Wait for husband’s appointment with ENT, referral to another neurologist for second opinion on diagnosis and also for appointment with Hepatologist (28th November).
  • Write more of assignment 4
  • Recruit research participants for pilot
  • Workworkworkwork
  • Bake
  • Marathon training
  • Read for pleasure
  • Have a life (hahahahahaha)

Contains approx. one zillion calories.


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