Autism Ambassador

Published on Friday 15th May 2015 by DJ Kirkby

AAWhen I was offered the opportunity to become an Autism Ambassador I leapt at the chance. I think I am already a positive voice for people with autism, and I am always looking for new ways to raise awareness of autism in the community and my workplaces as well as supporting others with autism, so being recognised officially as an Ambassador and making a formal commitment to doing these things seems the appropriate next step for me to take. At the conference I wrote out a list of steps I wanted to take over the next year which include:

  • Making the HR department at both my jobs aware that there is an Autism Ambassador working there (done – July)
  • Asking work communication teams to put the information about Autism Ambassadors plus the logo, links and my contact details onto the website (done – August)
  • Setting up a quiet space at work for people with autism to go when necessary (in progress)
  • Setting up an employees with autism network at both jobs
  • Supporting and advocating for people with autism at work if they are struggling to make their needs clear (ongoing)

One thing that I didn’t put on my list yesterday but did put on today is that I will be running the 10 mile Great South Run on October 25th 2015 as part of the Autism Hampshire team.  I have pledged to raise a minimum of £250 and so if you would like to sponsor me (no amount is too small) I would be extremely grateful if you clicked this link and filled out the necessaries to make that donation pledge.

Autism Ambassador offical photo

This is the first group of Autism Ambassadors in Hampshire. I am standing 3rd from right (front row)

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